UPDATE: 8 Kane County Road Projects Back In Business With State's Stopgap Budget

UPDATE: 8 Kane County Road Projects Back In Business With State’s Stopgap Budget


The state of Illinois passed a stopgap budget Thursday that will allow schools to stay open come fall and roadwork to continue during the summer.

A letter from the Illinois Department of Transportation confirms that IDOT officials have rescinded a  previous warning to local units of government that it would cease construction contrats by the close of business June 30, 2016.

“We are pleased to announce legislation has passed providing necessary appropriations,” the letter said. “Please resume work on engineering and construction contracts administered via an Intergovernmental Agency agreement with the Department; also, please notify all contractors and consultants as appropriate.

“We appreciate your cooperation during these difficult times. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the office in which the contract is being administered.”


Kane County Division of Transportation Director Carl Schoedel said Monday that eight Kane County road projects could be impacted starting July 1 due to the state budget impasse.

The Illinois Department of Transportation began informing local units of government late last week that they might need to halt work on some state-funded road projects.

If lawmakers can’t put together some stopgap legislation prior to the end of the state fiscal year, local road-construction projects — representing about $2 billion worth of construction work statewide, according to some estimates — will be put on on hold.

Of the eight Kane County projects, three are in mid-construction phases.

“The three that I would highlight as having the most impact to the motoring public are the ones with a full road closure and posted detour,” Schoedel said.

Those three projects are:

Allen Road over Hampshire Creek bridge replacement

Allen Over Hampshire

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.10.59 PMThe bridge over Hampshire Creek, originally constructed in 1945, is being replaced as part of the county’s comprehensive road and bridge maintenance program.

The bridge and roadway improvements will include:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing bridge structure.
  • Ditch and embankment grading.
  • Reconstruction of Allen Road in advance of bridge structure.

Burlington Road at IL Route 47 Roundabout

B at 47 June 2016

Burlington roundaboutConstruction of Kane County’s first modern roundabout started April 11, 2016, in Campton Hills.

Burlington Road was closed to traffic between Dittman Road and Plato Road in order to reconstruct the intersection of Burlington Road and Illinois Route 47.

The roadway improvements on Burlington Road from Dittman Road to Plato Road will include:

  • Reconstruction of the intersection to accommodate a roundabout.
  • Ditch and embankment grading.
  • New roadway lighting.

For more information, visit the Kane County Division of Transportation website at BurlingtonatIL47RAB.

Dauberman Road Over Welch Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

Dauberman over Welch June 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.23.07 PMDauberman Road was closed to traffic between U.S. Route 30 and Scott Road starting in March in order to remove and replace the existing bridge.

The roadway improvements will include:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing bridge structure.
  • Ditch and embankment grading.
  • Reconstruction of Dauberman Road in advance of bridge structure.

A posted detour route directs traffic around the closure using U.S. Route 30, Davis Road and Scott Road.

5 Other Projects Affected

The remaining five Kane County projects that could be affected by the state budget impasse are as follows:

  • Anderson Road Grade Separation from Keslinger Road to IL Route 38 — Only punch list items remain on that project.
  • Fabyan Parkway at Kaneville Road intersection reconstruction — Only site restoration and punch list items remain to be done.
  • Stage 1 Highway Safety Improvement Program on Randall Road — For flashing-yellow-arrow traffic signal projects from Fabyan Parkway to Silver Glen Road, only site restoration, sidewalk and punch list items have yet to be done.
  • Stearns Road – Randall Road to IL Route 25/Dunham Road traffic signal interconnect – This project is in mid-construction, but the road is open to traffic.
  • IL Route 25/Stearns Road Stage 3A (Construction by IDOT) – Only site restoration and punch list items remain.

Schoedel said it is important to note that there are a number of 100-percent locally funded KDOT construction contracts that are not affected by the lack of a state budget and will continue:

  • Longmeadow Parkway Stage 1A – Huntley/Boyer Road to west of Randall Road new alignment
  • 2016 Resurfacing Patrol
  • 2016 Crack-Sealing Projects
  • 2016 Paint and Urethane Pavement Marking
  • Silver Glen Road Over Otter Creek Bridge Repair — This project will get started later this summer.

Without a budget and appropriation, no state dollars can flow to local projects, Schoedel said. Since most federal transportation funds also flow through the states, local agencies can’t collect until those funds are appropriated via the state budget.

The good news is that most engineering projects likely will continue to move forward.

“At this point, KDOT intends to continue all engineering projects,” Schoedel said. “Even when engineering projects have federal funding in them, it is a reimbursement scenario – Kane County contracts with and pays the consultant, then subsequently seeks reimbursement from IDOT. In these contracts, our reimbursement may be delayed, but I’m confident that we would (eventually) be reimbursed.”

The bad news is that Motor-Fuel Taxes collected by the state on behalf of local agencies will stop flowing if there is no budget.

Schoedel emphasized that the situation is fluid, and that IDOT likely will be providing more detail as soon as it becomes available.

“My guess is we’ll probably learn more almost every day for the next week or so,” he said.

About the Kane County Division of Transportation

KDOT’s mission is to  provide and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system while maintaining the county’s visions and values. Serving a population of more than 520,000, Kane County’s transportation infrastructure is constantly being enhanced to accommodate growth. Kane County Division of Transportation employees are responsible for the maintenance, planning, design and construction of more than 320 miles of roadway. KDOT also provides technical assistance to the 16 townships and coordinates with a number of different state, regional, and local agencies on transportation and land use issues. For more information, visit the Kane County Division of Transportation website and Facebook page.