PHOTO STORY: Kane County Employees Have Fun, Recognize 29 Co-Workers at Cougars Game

PHOTO STORY: Kane County Employees Have Fun, Recognize 29 Co-Workers at Cougars Game

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

~Henry Ford

It might have been Pro Wrestling Night at Fifth Third Bank Ballpark on Thursday, but Mick Foley and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat weren’t the only folks enjoying the game and the festivities.


Kane County government recognized 29 employees who reached the 20-year mark of service, including some heavyweight champions, during a pre-game announcement.

A good time was had by all. (For the record, employees paid own way to the game and no tax dollars were used for the employee recognition night.)

Embedded here is a YouTube slideshow with a few photos of fun at the old ballpark. (We’ll add some more later, if we can.) Congratulations to these employees/public servants who hit the 20-year mark!

Kane County Employees With 20 Years of Service

  • JOHNSON, LORI — Circuit Clerk’s Office
  • PALM, SHELLEY — Circuit Clerk’s Office
  • HOSCHEIT, JOHN — Kane County Board
  • BIEWER, BROOKE R — Development Department
  • DIAMOND, WILLIAM — Judiciary and Courts
  • GREGORY, DONALD —  Judiciary and Courts
  • WILLETT, BRENDA — Public Defender’s Office
  • ADAM, MONA — Public Defender’s Office
  • HAWKINS, BRITT — Public Defender’s Office
  • CONANT, RACHELE — Public Defender’s Office
  • MORRIS, PHILLIP — Regional Office of Education
  • HEWITT, CHRISTOPHER — Sheriff’s Office/Adult Corrections
  • MCKINESS, RANDIE — Sheriff’s Office/Adult Corrections
  • OLALDE, MANUEL — Sheriff’s Office/Adult Corrections
  • GENGLER, PATRICK — Sheriff’s Office
  • GARTLAND, JAMIE — Sheriff’s Office
  • RAY, ORLANDO — Sheriff’s Office
  • BARROWS, SHAWN — Sheriff’s Office
  • GARDNER, KEITH — Sheriff’s Office
  • MCCARTY, BRIAN — Sheriff’s Office
  • FUENTES, MARIELENA — State’s Attorney’s Office
  • KLIMOWSKI, JULIE — State’s Attorney’s Office
  • SAMS, GREG — State’s Attorney’s Office
  • DICKSON, WILLIAM — Kane County Division of Transportation
  • RAMM, CHARLES — Kane County Division of Transportation
  • SEYLLER, JAY — Kane County Division of Transportation
  • RIVERA, AVA — Kane County Division of Transportation
  • MATA, CARLOS — Treasurer’s Office
  • HERRERA, MARIA — Treasurer’s Office