What's the Hottest Fourth of July in Kane County History?

What’s the Hottest Fourth of July in Kane County History?

What’s the hottest Fourth of July ever in Kane County? What was the coldest? The wettest?

The National Weather Service Chicago keeps track of those sorts of things, with 144 years of data to choose from.

The hottest Independence Day temperature ever in these parts is 102 degrees, and that record was hit twice, in 1911 and 2012. The coldest temperature was 50 degrees in 1972, and the wettest was in 1995, when we got 1.72 inches of rain.

Just about half the time, we get rain on July 4, and we break the 100-degree barrier about 17 percent of the time.

What’s in store for this year? The National Weather Service isn’t making a prediction as of Tuesday, June 28, but the Weather Channel is showing 86 degrees and sunny.

The following statistics comprises 144 years of data.  Data collection began at the University of Chicago, then at Midway, and currently at O’Hare which is now the official station for Chicago.

To see the July 4 daily climate data for Chicago from 1872 to the present, click here.

Fourth of July Stats

  • Normal High & Low Temperature for July 4:  84 and 63 degrees
  • Warmest July 4:  102 degrees in 1911 and 2012
  • Coldest  Temperature on July 4:  50 degrees in 1972
  • Coolest July 4 Daytime Temperature:  62 degrees in 1920
  • Warmest July 4 Nighttime Low Temperature:  80 degrees in 1921
  • Wettest July 4:  1.72 inches in 1995
  • Frequency of Rainfall July 4: 
    74 of 144 years (51 percent) July 4ths measured precipitation
  • Frequency of Heat July 4:   25 of 144 years (17 percent) 90 F or hotter
High temperatures for July 4th for Chicago O'Hare

Frequency distribution of high temperatures for Chicago. This dataset shows that the most frequent range of high temperatures on the 4th of July is in between 80 and 89 degrees, which is the warmest of all the holidays. The normal high for the 4th is 84 degrees, which falls in the range of the most frequent highs. The record high is 102 degrees set in 2012 and also 1911. The coldest high temperature on the 4th is 62 degrees which occurred in 1920. In 2015, the high temperature was 81 degrees.

Climate Data for Chicago and Rockford on the 4th of July