Food Drive 2016: A Snapshot of Hunger in Kane County, IL

Food Drive 2016: A Snapshot of Hunger in Kane County, IL

Kane County’s 1,300-plus employees are holding in a food drive to benefit 29 area food pantries and subsidize a mobile food pantry — and the reasons for the food drive become clear when you look at the stats provided by the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Despite some high median household incomes overall, Kane County isn’t immune to hunger. According to 2014 Census statistics, 55,787 or 10.7 percent of Kane County residents were living in poverty. More than 4-in-10 of those individuals were under the age of 18.

Food and monetary donations will be collected at Kane County government offices and online through June 24, and the public is encouraged to take part. Food items and donations will be presented to the Northern Illinois Food Bank at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 28, 2016, at around 3:30 p.m., just prior to the County Board’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

Below are some of the poverty statistics on Kane County as presented by the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva.

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Poverty Statistics

  • 55,787 or 10.7% – residents living in poverty (US Census 2014)
  • 44,010 or 8.5% – food insecure residents (Map the Meal Gap 2015) 27,970 or 19.0% – food insecure children (Map the Meal Gap 2015)
  • 84,711 – individuals receiving SNAP benefits monthly (Illinois Dept. of Human Services)
  • $21.02 hr. – hourly wage individual needs to earn to afford a fair market value apartment in Kane (FMV: $1,093 – National Low Income Housing Coalition)

A Snapshot of Who Northern Illinois Food Bank Serves in Kane County

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.18.49 AMSOURCE: Hunger Study 2014

  • 141,700 people are served annually
  • 5,700 people are served weeklyAGE
  • 42% are children under age 18
  • 18% are adults age 18-29
  • 21% are adults from age 30-49
  • 11% are adults age 50-59
  • 8% are age 60 and older


  • 73% of households have incomes that fall at or below the federal poverty level
  • 50% of households have annual incomes of $10,000 or less
  • 22% have annual incomes of $10,001 to $20,000
  • 10% have annual incomes higher than $30,000


  • 89% of households have a member that has worked for pay in the last 12 months
  • 11% of households did not have employment in the past 12 months, but these households include those with members who are retired, disabled, in poor health or caretakers


  • 85% of households reported they had to choose between paying for food and utilities in the past 12 months
  • 86% of households chose between paying for food and transportation in the past 12 months.
  • 63% of households chose between paying for food and paying for medicine at least once in the past 12 months
  • 73% of households chose between paying for food and paying for housing at least once in the past 12 months

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Meeting the Meal Gap

Annual Meal Gap: 8,765,600 Meals (Feeding America)

7.9 million meals (76% of Gap) distributed in FY 15:

  • 2.8 million meals direct distribution (retail store pick up by partners and fresh milk)
  • 4.3 million meals distributed to food pantries
  • 813,500 meals through youth, senior, and other programs
  • 20% increase over FY 14

Northern Illinois Food Bank’s network members:

  • 32 Food Pantries
  • 8 Soup Kitchens
  • 27 Backpack schools
  • 59 Youth programs
  • 11 Group homes/Shelters
  • 1 Daycare

Kane County Network Members


  • All Peoples Interfaith Food Pantry
  • Assisi Homes Batavia Apts
  • Association for Individual Development
  • Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry
  • Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry Bethesda C.O.G.I.C.
  • Between Friends Food Pantry
  • Burlington-Hampshire Area Food Pantry
  • Centro De Informacion
  • Church in the Word – Elgin
  • Community Crisis Center
  • Countryside Food Pantry, Inc.
  • First Baptist Church of Geneva
  • FISH Pantry of Carpentersville
  • Food for Greater Elgin
  • Fox Valley Hispanic SDA Pantry
  • FUMC – Elgin – (Love Elgin Days)
  • Harvest Bible Chapel – Elgin
  • Holy Angels Pantry
  • Life Changers Int’l Church
  • Marie Wilkinson Foundation Food Pantry


  • Salvation Army Aurora Salvation Army Elgin
  • Salvation Army St. Charles
  • South Elgin Food Pantry
  • St. Peter Food Pantry
  • St. Thomas More Church-SVDP
  • Two Rivers Head Start Aurora
  • Two Rivers Head Start Elgin
  • Westside Church Of Christ


  • Church of the Brethren Elgin
  • Evangelical Free Church
  • Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
  • First Congregational UCC Soup Kitchen
  • FUMC Soup Kitchen-Elgin
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Soup Kitchen
  • Sandwich Board
  • Zion Evangelical Lutheran Soup Kitchen


  • Allen School (CACFP)
  • Anderson School (BackPack)
  • Astor Avenue Community Center (SFSP, CACFP)
  • Bardwell Elementary (BackPack, SFSP, CACFP)
  • Batavia Apartments (SFSP) Beaupre School (CACFP)
  • Boys & Girls Club of Elgin (SFSP, CACFP)
  • Brady Elementary School (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Centre of Elgin (SFSP, CACFP)
  • Channing Elementary (BackPack)
  • Clara Howard Park (SFSP)
  • Clifford/Owasco Park (SFSP)
  • Coleman Elementary (BackPack) Cornerstone Park (SFSP)
  • Cowherd Elementary (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Davis Primary (BackPack)
  • Dieterich School (BackPack, CACFP)
  • E.M. Rollins School (CACFP)
  • East Aurora High School (CACFP)
  • Eastside Recreation Center (SFSP, CACFP)
  • Fred Rodgers Magnet Academy (CACFP)
  • Garfield Elementary (BackPack)
  • Gates Elementary (BackPack)
  • Golfview Elementary (BackPack)
  • Grand Boulevard Center (CACFP)
  • Hanover Township Izaak Walton Center (SFSP)
  • Harriet Gifford Elementary (BackPack, SFSP)
  • Heritage School (BackPack)
  • Hermes Elementary (CACFP)
  • Highland Christian Academy Highland Elementary (BackPack)
  • Hillcrest Elementary (BackPack)
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (SFSP)
  • Huff Elementary (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Johnson Elementary (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Kiwanis Park (SFSP)
  • Krug School (BackPack, CACFP) Lakewood School (BackPack) Larsen Middle School (SFSP)
  • Laurel Hill Elementary (CACFP)
  • Lords Park Elementary (BackPack, SFSP)
  • O’Donnell Elementary (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Oak Park Elementary (CACFP)
  • Oakhill Elementary (CACFP)
  • O’Neal Elementary (BackPack)
  • Ontarioville School (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Parkwood School (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Perry Elementary (BackPack)
  • Richmond Intermediate School (BackPack)
  • Simmons Middle School (CACFP)
  • St. Francis Park (SFSP)
  • Sunnydale Elementary (BackPack, CACFP)
  • Taylor Family YMCA (SFSP)
  • The Salvation Army Elgin (SFSP, CACFP)
  • Waldo Middle School (CACFP)
  • YWCA of Elgin – Teen Reach (SFSP, CACFP)


  • BHS Center – Elgin
  • LSSI Community Crisis Center
  • Ecker Crisis Residential
  • Ecker Supervised Residential
  • Gateway Foundation Aurora
  • Hope for Tomorrow
  • Wayside Cross Ministries
  • YWCA of Elgin – SACC Daycare