Flashing-Yellow-Arrow Project Goes to Red Gate, Silver Glen

Flashing-Yellow-Arrow Project Goes to Red Gate, Silver Glen

Kane County contractors will remove and replace traffic signal mast arms and equipment at two key intersections on Randall Road in the next couple weeks: on May 19, 2016, at the intersection of Red Gate Road and on May 26 at the intersection of Silver Glen Road and Randall Road.

To minimize traffic disruption and provide safe areas for workers, the Kane County’s Division of Transportation will close the left-turn lanes at 7 a.m. and close side streets at 9 a.m. to about 3 p.m. during days the work is being done.

Randall Road traffic will be allowed to flow without stopping at the intersections while the traffic signals are being worked on during the scheduled shutdown. Motorists will not be allowed to turn off of Randall Road during the closures of the side streets and are advised to use Bolcum Road, Crane Road, Silver Glen Road, Red Gate Road, and IL Route 64 as alternate routes for east/west travel. For north/south alternate routes, motorists are advised to use Burr Road and IL Route 31.

No turns will be allowed at either intersection on the day of the closure. Changeable message boards will be placed in several locations to provide advance warning to motorists of the intersection closings.

On the day of an intersection closure, the process will include:

  • Setting up barricades, cones, and traffic control to prevent access to the side streets.
  • Placement of new wiring and equipment on the mast arms.
  • Adjustment of the wiring in the Traffic Controller Cabinet.
  • Testing of the new equipment.
  • Removal of existing mast arms and equipment.

Temporary lane closures along Randall Road will be required to accomplish this work. Please watch for flaggers and workers while traveling through the construction zone. Motorists should expect delays, increased travel times during the process, and are advised to consider alternate routes during this work.

Upon completion of the work at these intersections, the new traffic signals will include a Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow. This flashing-yellow arrow will allow motorists to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Traffic waiting to turn left will receive the protected left turn with a green arrow while oncoming traffic has a red light. While both directions of traffic have a green light, motorists waiting to turn left will receive the flashing yellow arrow indicating that they may turn only when it is safe to do so. For more information regarding the project and the Flashing Yellow Arrows, please visit Randall Road HSIP.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Dave Boesch (630) 584-1170. For all Kane County Traffic Advisories, see KDOT Traffic Alerts.

SOURCE: Kane County Division of Transportation

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