County Board OK's Fee to Recycle Big TVs

County Board OK’s Fee to Recycle Big TVs

The Kane County Board passed a resolution Tuesday that will allow eWorks, the county’s electronics-recycling contractor, to charge a fee for recycling big TVs.

The good news is that the fee will be minimal — $25 for TVs 20 inches or less and $35 for TVs 21 inches and over — and only charged after eWorks collects and processes 1.2 million pounds of recyclable electronics under its present contract for the year. There are other places to drop off TVs, where you will pay between $20 and $75 depending on the size of the TV.

More good news is that Kane County residents who participate will receive a donation receipt that can be used for a tax write off.

recycle electronics line

Expect long lines at Saturday’s recycling event.

The fee will be paid directly to the county’s contracted recycler, eWorks, a non-profit that employs people with developmental disabilities. The fee will simply cover their costs of collecting, transporting, disassembling and shipping the materials to the end recycling markets. The fee is not paid to the county.

“I can’t say enough about our eWorks, our recycling partners,” Jarland said. “They have not only bent over backwards to help make this program affordable, but they’ve met or exceeded our expectations for service and professionalism at every turn — and believe me, electronics recycling efforts in the past six months or so have been a wild ride.”

When the 1.2 million free-pounds are met and the fee kicks in isn’t certain, but Jarland estimates it will be in August or September.

“We’re glad we have been able to offer free recycling of TVs as long as we have,” Jarland said. “Right now, electronics manufacturers are required by law to pay for recycling programs up to a certain weight limit but the weight-based goals are set far too low — especially when you compare it to what programs are actually collecting – and so manufacturers stop paying the recyclers well before the year is up. The money has to come from somewhere else, and a user fee is the fairest way.”

The costs of electronics recycling has had its impact on national, state and local recycling efforts. During the past few months the communities of Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles and West Dundee stopped taking electronics at public works department drop-offs, leaving Kane County’s monthly recycling event as the last remaining option to recycle your electronics free of charge.

Kane County will continue to hold monthly recycling events and guarantees that there will be no fee to recycle TVs at the June and July events. TC recycling might be free in August, as well, but it is uncertain when the threshold will be met.

“By September you can expect to see the fee activated,” Jarland said.

The April recycling event set all kinds of records, with about 1,600 residents unloading their recyclables, filling eight (53-foot) semi-trailers with electronics, consisting mainly of TVs. So Jarland recommends that you arrive no later than 11 a.m. to assure that you make it through the line by noon.

“We simply ask for anyone attending to be patient and considerate,” Jarland said. “We will have to cut the line off at some point in order to serve those in the line before the event ends.”

Future Recycling Events

Kane County Electronics Recycling collection events are held on the second Saturday of each month through November. See this webpage for more information.

Due to the burgeoning attendance and overwhelming success of this monthly event, Kane County is exploring alternative locations and will likely announce a new location for the June 11 Extravaganza event and beyond. Please keep an eye on Kane County Connects and the Kane County Recycles website for updates at

See below for more information on eWorks and recycling guidelines for events. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland at 630-208-3841 or

Recycling Guidelines Limit Number of TVs

  • Kane County will accept a maximum of three TVs per car of any type, size, or age.
  • This event is for Kane County residents only!
  • This event is NOT FOR BUSINESSES: Businesses, institutions, schools and non-profits may not use this event, but must contract for recycling services from a certified electronics recycler.
  • Please do not arrive early. The event is from 8 a.m. to noon.
  • This event is presently free of charge.
  • A complete list of accepted items, and more information can be found at

About eWorks

eWorks Electronics Services Inc.(eWorks) was established in 2009 to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. eWorks achieves this mission by providing competitive recycling, refurbishment and resale services of all types of office and industrial technologies and consumer electronics.

This includes items such as computers, tablets, servers, monitors and LCD’s, scanners, copiers and network equipment, power supplies, TVs, stereos, cell phones and household appliances.

Today the eWorks program provides electronics recycling and refurbishment services for local communities and for large global corporations across the US. Our process uses the highest industry certifications in safety and security.

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Resolution No. 16 – 162


WHEREAS, the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act (Public Act 97-0287) and the amendments expanding the act, bans the disposal of 17 categories of used electronics; and

WHEREAS, beginning in January 2012, all manufacturers of electronic products were required to register with the Illinois EPA and meet an annual recycling goal, and therefore fund the recycling of electronics under the above legislation; and

WHEREAS, electronics manufacturer’s weight-based goals are set far too low in the law (compared to what programs are actually collecting) and so goals are being met before the end of each given year, at which point the manufacturers cease to fund the recycling of electronics and costs are shifted to the recyclers and in some cases to the collectors; and

WHEREAS, eWorks, the current service provider under contract has provided assurance of a no cost program to Kane County for a portion of 2016 based on a set weight of electronics that eWorks has pledged to recycle for their partner manufacturers that they have in turn pledged to Kane County as per Rider passed by Resolution #16-40 on 2/9/16; and

WHEREAS, when the aforementioned no cost program ends, this Rider serves to outline the terms of an alternative follow-on program at no cost to Kane County that allows eWorks to charge residents a nominal fee for televisions and monitors received in order to cover costs; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Chairman is authorized to approve the Rider specified in the title of this resolution beginning at the time when the allotted pounds in the free program have been exhausted and ending with the current contract January 14th, 2017.

Passed by the Kane County Board on May 10, 2016.

________________________________ John A. Cunningham
Clerk, County Board
Kane County, Illinois

16-05 Electronics Rider

About Kane County Recycles

The Kane County Recycles office manages recycling programs for electronics, books, hazardous materials, and other hard-to-recycle materials, and promotes best practices for household recycling, commercial business recycling, and composting. This office oversees recycling-related information and community outreach initiatives, oversees the annual licensing of Waste and Recycling Haulers, provides backyard compost bins, and implements the Kane County Solid Waste Plan. The office oversees the Recycling and Hauler Licensing Ordinance which requires commercial businesses and multi-family residences to recycle, and provides the provisions for hauler licensing and reporting.

For all you ever needed to know about recycling in Kane County see the Kane County Recycles webpage and also sign up here to receive an electronic copy of the new Green Guide each spring.