Vote NOW to See the Blackhawks at Fox Valley Ice Arena!

Vote NOW to See the Blackhawks at Fox Valley Ice Arena!

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The Fox Valley Ice Arena/Geneva has been named one of 10 finalists in the Kraft Hockeyville USA competition!

The winning community gets $150,000 in arena upgrades plus an NHL preseason game played in their home rink. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the Blackhawks play here in Kane County?

Voting for this round ends Thursday, April 14 — so vote NOW and tell your friends! With luck, we’ll make it through to the next round, which cuts the group down to four arenas.

General info on the competition is available on

Info specifically on the FVIA/Geneva entry, which features the Forest Preserve District of Kane County, is available here

You may vote online 50 times per day, and via text 50 times per day.

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Fox Valley Ice Arena — We Are Hockeyville

Nomination by Ryan

Fox Valley Ice Arena in Geneva, IL, is the epitome of Hockeyville. Just miles from Chicago, the current hockey epicenter of the globe, the Fox Valley Ice Arena stands in stark contrast to the skyscrapers and hustle of the concrete jungle just miles to the east.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.22.23 PMThis hub of hockey of the Midwest sits nestled among golden cornfields and sporadic horse farms. From the excited energy exuded from the mites during their Sunday morning cross ice games to the raw enthusiasm and love of the game radiated by the past their prime rat hockey warriors on a weekday morning, Fox Valley Ice Arena is hockey.

The rink itself is quaint, yet well maintained and modern, with its two sheets of ice and welcoming, roomy entryway. A small pro shop with a courteous staff and a snack counter radiating the aroma of hot chocolate and fresh donuts compliments the interior of the arena.

More important than the doughnuts (which are exceptional), are the people. People are what make this rink Hockeyville. The arena is filled with warm hearted, family minded folk. A place where, regardless of your background, hockey is the spoken language. The players, the parents, the coaches, the staff, all embody what it means to be a part of the hockey culture in the USA.

What it means to be a proud resident of Hockeyville, USA. As a member of the Fox Valley Ice Arena community, strike that, as a member of the Fox Valley Ice Arena family, we love our hockey. The culture, the people, and the pride. We are Hockeyville; it’s just up to Kraft to make it official.