IMSA Breaks New Ground at IN2 Innovation Hub — 'Incredible Opportunity' for Student Entrepreneurs

IMSA Breaks New Ground at IN2 Innovation Hub — ‘Incredible Opportunity’ for Student Entrepreneurs


The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora has broken ground on its new $1.9 million IN2 Innovation Hub, the state-of-the-art facility made possible by the Steve and Jamie Chen Center for Innovation and Inquiry. IN2 is designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and energize collaboration between students, faculty and the community.

As part of the IN2 program, the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center is going to be on hand at the center as an “entrepreneur in residence,” answering questions and helping to form plans.

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“This is an incredible opportunity for the greater Fox Valley area,” says Austin Dempsey, president of the FVEC. “The talent and brilliance of the students is incredible. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

One of the goals of the center is to give students the chance to merge their knowledge in the mathematics and science fields with their ideas for new products or business services. It also serves to build connections with business leaders and thought innovators in the local community.

“It’s exciting to see this raw passion for entrepreneurship and be part of nurturing it,” says Mike Algrim, vice president of the FVEC.

The FVEC plans on letting some students attend one of their pitch nights, a closed door session where businesses apply to the FVEC for guidance. Students will be able to see the challenges and successes of local companies and learn first-hand what being an entrepreneur means.

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About the FVEC

The Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center began in 2010 as a collaboration between several local entrepreneurs and supporting organizations. The mission of the FVEC is to provide critical support to companies to help them create jobs, expand their business and grow revenue. Further, the FVEC fosters an environment in which businesses strive for excellence and where innovation is nourished. This is accomplished through training and advising the business owner, providing strategic introductions and engaging in strategic/growth planning across all areas of a business. As a non-profit, the center supports these programs through private donations and grants. To learn more about the FVEC, visit their website at