Expect Long Lines April 9 When Kane County Re-Starts Monthly Recycling Collection

Expect Long Lines April 9 When Kane County Re-Starts Monthly Recycling Collection

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Kane County recycling collection events are ready to resume for the spring, starting April 9 — and residents should expect long lines and a few new rules when they visit the branch court at 540 S. Randall Road in St. Charles.

Starting this year and due primarily to the harsh winter weather of past seasons, Kane County monthly recycling events now run from April through November. The April 9 event will be the first since December 2015.

The monthly recycling events are open to Kane County residents only and each event takes place from 8 a.m. to noon on the second Saturday of the month at the branch court on Randall Road.

Because of the three-month hiatus and some recent changes in electronics recycling, Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland offers this advice for the upcoming recycling event:

Keep Calm and Recycle On!

Two remaining Kane County weekday drop-offs in St. Charles and West Dundee are closing indefinitely as of April 8, but Jarland says there is no need to panic! If you read Jarland’s last two articles in Kane County Connects then you have heard about this issue. If not, here are the links: Illinois’ Electronics Recycling Struggles Affect Kane County and Where to Recycle Your Big Old TVs Today

Eight Events in 2016

As mentioned above, the Kane County electronics recycling collection events will be held at 540 S. Randall Road in St. Charles on the second Saturday of each month April through November.

  • April 9 — Electronics, books, document shredding for free and latex paint for a per can fee​. See this site map for details. (Note: Heavy volumes of cars are expected at this event. If you can wait until May, please do.)
  • May 14 — Electronics, books. (Note: This will be a much quieter event; if you can wait until May, it is advised that you do so.)
  • June 11 — Annual Extravaganza! Electronics, books, document shredding for free and latex paint for a per can fee, and much more.
  • July 9 — Electronics, books.
  • Aug. 13 — Electronics, books.
  • Sept. 10 — Electronics, books.
  • Oct. 8 — Electronics, books.
  • Nov. 12 — Electronics, books, document shredding for free and latex paint for a per can fee​.

Electronics and books will be accepted at all events. Check online for a list of the additional items Kane County will accept at certain events throughout the year. Again, please note that these events are for Kane County residents only.

At the April 9 event, you can recycle electronics (free), books (free), and liquid latex paint (for a fee). You may also bring up to 4 large boxes of residential confidential documents for onsite shredding (free). Click here for a complete list of accepted items.

Avoid Long Lines

The following event will be on May 14, and Kane County will be recycling electronics and books only. Jarland’s advice: Please wait for this event if you have only electronics or books to recycle.

“April 9 is expected to have increased traffic and much longer lines!” she said. “Help us out by waiting until May if you can.”

TVs – We Take Them

Kane County will accept up to three TVs per car of any type, size or age. Large loads of TVs will not be accepted.

Businesses With Electronics to Recycle

This program is for Kane County residents only. Businesses, institutions, schools and non-profits may not use this event, but must contract for recycling services from a certified electronics recycler.

Thanks for all that you do to Rethink, Reduce, and Reuse!

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About Kane County Recycles

Kane County Recycles logoThe Kane County Recycles office manages recycling programs for electronics, books, hazardous materials, and other hard-to-recycle materials, and promotes best practices for household recycling, commercial business recycling, and composting. This office oversees recycling-related information and community outreach initiatives, oversees the annual licensing of Waste and Recycling Haulers, provides backyard compost bins, and implements the Kane County Solid Waste Plan. The office oversees the Recycling and Hauler Licensing Ordinance which requires commercial businesses and multi-family residences to recycle, and provides the provisions for hauler licensing and reporting.

For all you ever needed to know about recycling in Kane County see the Kane County Recycles webpage and also sign up here to receive an electronic copy of the new Green Guide each spring.