Look Ahead (2nd UPDATE): Route 25 Widening, Longmeadow Parkway, Roundabout Projects on KDOT's 2016 To-Do List

Look Ahead (2nd UPDATE): Route 25 Widening, Longmeadow Parkway, Roundabout Projects on KDOT’s 2016 To-Do List

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  • Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly included a map and graphic representing the 2016 Anticipated Engineering projects. The map and graphic shown here have been updated to indicate actual construction work slated for 2016 and to add information about the county’s first roundabout, at Burlington Road.

The 2016 construction projects highlight Kane County Division of Transportation’s efforts — including the initial construction of the Longmeadow Parkway, widening of IL Route 25/Stearns Road and the county’s first modern roundabout.

KDOT anticipates spending about $6 million on right-of-way acquisition, $18.3 million on construction and $8.4 million on engineering in 2016, said Director of Transportation Carl Schoedel.

“Our FY 2016 program has a heavy focus on bridge and culvert repair and replacement,” he said. “A couple of program highlights include the initial construction of portions of Longmeadow Parkway , the joint IDOT/Kane County completion of the widening of IL Route 25/Stearns Road from Dunham Road to Stearns Road, and roundabout construction at Burlington Road at IL Route 47.”

Bridge/culvert projects share part of the spotlight. They include bridge replacement on Allen Road over Hampshire Creek, bridge rehabilitation on Dauberman Road over Welch Creek and culvert replacement work on Randall Road over Sandy Creek.

Randall Road is one of the main arteries of Kane County, and it will get its share of attention in 2016, with adaptive traffic signal control from Huntley Road to Big Timber Road and pedestrian and transit enhancements from St. Charles to Elgin. Ongoing installation of the flashing yellow arrow traffic signals from Fabyan Parkway to Silver Glen Road, along with traffic signal interconnect along Stearns Road from Randall Road to Dunham Road will continue in 2016.  In addition, Kane County will complete resurfacing, pavement preservation and crack filling improvements at various locations throughout the county.

The map below shows the location of the anticipated construction projects slated for 2016.

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