Police Tip: No Matter How Cold, Don't Warm Up Your Vehicle

Police Tip: No Matter How Cold, Don’t Warm Up Your Vehicle

The police tip of the day comes from the Aurora Police Department, but it’s worth noting anywhere in Kane County.

The National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Watch in effect for Kane County on Friday, Nov. 20, through Saturday, Nov. 21, and with sharply colder temperatures forecast over the next several days, police are warning motorists of the dangers associated with leaving running vehicles unattended.

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Saying that cold weather tends to spike the number of vehicles that are stolen, the running vehicles present a prime opportunity for thieves who have the ability to steal them in a matter of seconds. Although it may be inviting to make sure a car is warm before leaving home or work, police ask motorists to use common sense and to not leave the vehicle running unattended — whether or not the doors are locked.

They point out that, even with the doors locked, a window can easily be broken giving a thief access to the running vehicle.  Police add that, frequently, stolen cars and trucks are used in the commission of other crimes including drive-by shootings or hit-and-run accidents. They also say that many insurance companies will not cover losses due to the negligence of the owner— including leaving a vehicle running unattended.

Police officers can also issue citations if they come across an unattended, running motor vehicle on public property.

It is Winter Preparedness Week in Illinois, so check out some of the resources listed below, courtesy of the National Weather Service — Chicago.

SOURCES: Aurora Police Department press release, National Weather Service