Montgomery Police: We Are NOT Holding Fundraiser at This Time

Montgomery Police: We Are NOT Holding Fundraiser at This Time

The Montgomery Police Department reports that several local businesses have received phone calls regarding fundraising efforts by the Montgomery Police Department.

The Police Department is not conducting fundraising efforts at this time and wants citizens to know that.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 5.30.11 PM“If you receive a phone call from personnel who claim they are calling on behalf of the Montgomery Police Department, please request identification (such as a name and call back number) and contact Sgt. Palko at 630-897-8707, Ext. 2231, to address this concern,” a Police Department press release said.

The MPD reminds residents that simply having the words “police” or “law enforcement” in an organization’s name doesn’t mean police are members of the group.

“The organization should be able to provide you with written information describing the programs your donations will support. If you receive similar calls on behalf of other departments or fundraising organizations, ask for identification and contact that organization to verify the information that was given,” the press release said.

SOURCE: Montgomery Police Department