Which Public Servant Are You? [Take the GovLoop Quiz]

Which Public Servant Are You? [Take the GovLoop Quiz]

Of course, we hope that everyone in Kane County reads Kane County Connects, but it doesn’t take a deep dive into the analytics to realize that a lot of the folks who are paying attention are elected officials and employees in Kane County or local government, from the public library to the park district to a city or village or township.

GovLoop ran a quiz recently that was sort of like one of those you see on Facebook from time to time, aimed at determining what kind of public servant you are: Olivia Pope or Leslie Knope.

Now, if you don’t watch a lot of TV, that last sentence probably isn’t going to do much except raise a bunch of cartoon question marks over your head. But if you do happen to unwind after work by watching a little TV, you know there are a ton of gov-centric shows (Parks & Rec, Scandal, House of Cards …) with characters you probably relate to. Maybe it’s Pope and her shrewd strategic mind, or Knope’s earnest and unwavering love of government that made you think, “Hey, that’s me …”

With the fall television season ready to begin soon, we thought this might be a good time to see how “govies” in Kane County stack up.

To participate, click on the GovLoop link below, take their fun quiz and find out which TV character is pretty much you.

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SOURCE: GovLoop Daily Awesome