Gov. Rauner Rides Harley in St. Charles

Gov. Rauner Rides Harley in St. Charles

Under the category of “now there’s something you don’t see every day in Kane County,” Gov. Bruce Rauner was in St. Charles this weekend riding a motorcycle and visiting the Fox River Harley-Davidson on Randall Road.

The Kane County stop was part of a motorcycle joyride to Springfield that started in Countryside and swung through Villa Park and St. Charles. The governor then led the unusual motorcade down I-55 to the governor’s mansion in Springfield, where (and we are not making this up) the governor treated his fellow easy riders to a hearty dinner of barbecued brisket.

Rauner rode his motorcycle wearing a black helmet, blue jeans, a white dress shirt and a black leather vest which, according to the CBS2 website, bore an American flag beneath a green patch that read “governor.” Again, still not making this up.

The event was part of a fundraiser for the Honor Flight Chicago, which funds military veterans’ visits to the war memorials in Washington, D.C. Rauner agreed to match donations by the other riders, according to media sources.

Rauner is a well-known Harley enthusiast and has the backing of the motorcycle safety and lobbying group ABATE, whose members took part in the drive down I-55. Rauner rode near the front, following eight state troopers on official Harleys, CBS2 said.

The photos you see here were provided courtesy of alert reader Sarah Lauzen.