Mill Creek Trash and Recycling Services Will Give Residents More Options

Mill Creek Trash and Recycling Services Will Give Residents More Options

Geneva, Batavia and municipalities surrounding the Mill Creek subdivision have upgraded their trash collection and recycling services in recent years to give residents more service options and to secure the lowest possible prices.

Now, the Mill Creek Special Services Area is looking to do something similar for the residents of Mill Creek, the unique unincorporated subdivision west of Geneva and Batavia that has a population larger than some Kane County cities and villages, serving some 2,200 homes.

Some of the services typically provided by municipal governments ā€” waste collection, parkway tree maintenance and the like ā€” are handled by the SSA, which is governed by a board of Mill Creek citizens and supported by Kane County.

Trash and recycling service in Mill Creek has been provided by Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia) for the last 10 years. Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources negotiates this service contract for the Special Services Area in order to secure the lowest-cost service for the residents of Mill Creek. The current five-year contract is set to expire later this year, and an invitation to bid is currently open. The deadline for submission is 3 p.m. July 24, 2015.

The bid has been formatted to invite pricing offers on three levels of services, in effect creating a menu of services from which residents can choose. This means that everyone can either keep the same kind of service they have or graduate to the cleaner, more convenient cart system that is becoming the norm. In any case, each household will continue to be provided with one standard sized recycling cart (tall wheeled cart with lid), which will be the same or similar to the one they have now. Beyond that, each resident has choices on stickers or carts for trash and yard waste.

One option allows residents to use dual-purpose stickers for their own trash bins and/or for yard waste in Kraft bags; the another choice provides a trash cart (similar to the recycling cart but a different color) for a set monthly cost and allows use of stickers for yard waste in Kraft bags; and the third alternative is for three carts ā€” one for recycling, one for trash, and one for yard waste (all clearly marked and color coded). The costs will be applicable to the level of service chosen.

Other services such as Christmas tree recycling, white goods recycling, large household items removal and the household hazardous waste program will be provided as usual. Additionally, the possibility of adding compostable food scraps to the yard waste collection will be explored during the term of this contract. The curbside branch/brush collection program, currently provided by Kramer Tree Specialists, is under a separate contract.

Kane County expects that the average monthly cost to residents will be equal to or lower than the current pricing. A resolution to contract with the successful bidder (for a five-year term) will be taken to the County Board for approval on September 8, 2015. The county will work closely with any new service provider to ensure a smooth transition. Residents will be sent program information and educational guides in September/October. Information will also be available on the Mill Creek SSA webpage.

Transition will begin in late October with new service starting Nov. 1.

Look for more on this topic in the coming months. Please feel free to call Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland at 630-208-3841 or with any questions.