Elgin Fire Department Ranks Among Top 2% in U.S.

Elgin Fire Department Ranks Among Top 2% in U.S.

The Elgin Fire Department has given residents another reason to be proud of their city with the department’s recent high ranking in its ability to protect the community. The Elgin Fire Department achieved an Insurance Service Office Community Public Protection Classification 2 rating, which places the Elgin department in the top 2 percent of communities nationwide. The rating becomes effective on Oct. 1, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.47.23 AMThe national Insurance Services Office (ISO) regularly evaluates fire departments and classifies them according to their ability to respond to fires.  The review includes an evaluation of the fire department, code department, dispatch operations and water operations in each community. Each entity receives an individual rating, and then those ratings are considered together to determine the final Public Protection Classification.

“Insurance companies use the ISO classifications to establish premiums for both commercial and residential property policies, with a better rating resulting in a lower insurance rate and cost of insurance,” Fire Chief John Fahy explained.  “Achievement of this improved rating is a tremendous benefit to renters, businesses and property owners.”

This improved classification is the highest rating in the 150-year history of the city and reflects well on the commitment to the department’s core values of a safe community. For the previous 20 years, Elgin received an ISO Class 3 ranking on the 1-10 scale, with Class 1 being the best rating.

“This significant improvement in the city’s rating is a direct result of concerted efforts by many city employees and departments, especially the performance of our firefighters and the continued professionalism of our administrative team,” said Elgin City Manager Sean Stegall. “I am continually proud of the way our various city departments work together to continually improve our service to our residents.”

About the Elgin Fire Department

  • The Elgin Fire Department has 133 sworn firefighters who provide a full range of coverage to 38.8 square miles and service a population of over 108,000 people.
  • The coverage area includes the historic downtown area, two major medical facilities, two college campuses, multiple industrial and office parks, Illinois largest gaming facility, a growing commercial segment, as well as single and multi-family homes.
  • Services are also provided along main transportation routes that include sections of Interstate 90, routes 20, 31 and 25, the Randall Road corridor, the Northwest METRA rail line, and two major freight lines.

SOURCE: city of Elgin press release and website

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