Campton Township Gets New Solid Waste Disposal Plan

Campton Township Gets New Solid Waste Disposal Plan

After getting feedback from residents, the Campton Township Solid Waste Disposal District has negotiated a new five-year contract with Waste Management that will give residents more options.

Like the contracts negotiated in Mill Creek, Geneva, Batavia and other communities, the Campton Township program is the latest iteration of waste disposal plans. The township went from an unlimited “take all” waste removal service starting in 2005 and was renewed with a similar service in 2010.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.53.58 PMIn 2015, waste carts will be provided to residents while they also retain the recycle carts from the previous contracts. The waste carts will be either 35 gallons, 64 gallons or 96 gallons, subject to whether the resident chose one of two limited waste levels, or the unlimited program that has been in place for the past decade. Waste Management will mail a reminder to residents as well as distribute a flyer with the new waste cart that each resident will receive if they did not choose one of the two options when they could register their preference.

Service packages will be either:

  • 35 gallons at $13/month
  • 64 gallons at $17/month
  • 96 gallons (or more) at $19.95/month

Residents choosing one of the limited waste disposal option and the lower fees with extra waste can utilize a sticker available costing $2.85 per 50-pound container.

“We received feedback from residents whose children had grown and from seniors that a limited waste program was of interest as they no longer had larger households and felt a lower fee option would be reasonable,” said Campton Township Solid Waste Disposal District trustee David Phillips. “We agreed and developed the new service levels to recognize that while uniformity has merit, tailoring service levels to identified needs also had merit.”

Residents with questions are invited to visit the Campton Township Solid Waste Disposal District website or contact Phillips at 847-373-8280.

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