VIDEO: How Kane Health Department Encourages Culture of Quality Improvement

VIDEO: How Kane Health Department Encourages Culture of Quality Improvement

A Kane County Health Department training video is being used as a national model for quality improvement.

The Health Department was approached earlier this year by the Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange to make a video regarding its recent Plan-Do-Check-Act project. The goal was to increase the percentage of staff participation in six required training modules as outlined by the QI Plan.

One of the challenges was how to make a video about sitting in front of a computer doing training modules. The Health Department did it by expanding the video to talk about the strong culture of quality at Kane County Health Department.

Special thanks goes out to Jackie Forbes, Mike Isaacson, Barbara Jeffers, and Kathy Fosser who all conducted personal interviews and also Kathy Swedberg who let them film her going through the training module. Thanks also goes out to the QI Committee members who all participated in an actual QI meeting where various topics were discussed and where we recreated the paper airplane activity.

One of the filmmakers was from RTI International and the other from a group called Spectral Chemists out of Omaha, and their next film after us was for the FBI. Please take a look at the video by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page. This was a great opportunity to use film to promote our work in QI at Kane County Health Department.

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About the QI Initiative

The Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange is an online community designed to be a communication hub for public health professionals interested in learning and sharing information about quality improvement (in public health. The following Kane County Health Department projects have been highlighted there:

In July 2013, the Kane County Health Department’s Emergency Response Program was profiled for Improvement of Employee Drill Response in the Public Health Emergency Response Program  Click Here

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.20.57 AMIn September 2012, the Kane County Health Department had two projects selected for inclusion among the first fifty projects profiled on the Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange:
The two projects and links to their pages on the PHQIX site are:

Increasing Identification of Resources in Kane County and Improving the Sharing and Leveraging of These Resources to Achieve Community Health Improvement Plan Priorities  Click Here

Kane County Health Department’s Public Health Nursing Immunization Project: Improving Nurse Competency in Childhood Immunizations   Click Here

Created by RTI International and funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, PHQIX launched in September of 2012 with the goal of sustaining national efforts at QI through providing public health practitioners with a means for obtaining knowledge from the experience of their colleagues.  This community engagement will ensure that lessons learned are not limited solely to the individuals who executed a specific QI initiative.  KCHD continues to submit QI initiatives to PHQIX, so check back frequently to see additional projects added to the site.