PHOTO STORY: 2015 'Recycling Extravaganza' Lives Up to Its Name

PHOTO STORY: 2015 ‘Recycling Extravaganza’ Lives Up to Its Name

If you’re ever looking for a “wow” in local government, look no further than Kane County’s recycling successes. Talk about a well-received, greatly-appreciated and engaging government service — almost all of which is provided at zero cost to the Kane County property taxpayers.

And if you had to pick the poster child of the Kane County’s recycling efforts, it would be the extravaganza that takes place each June. It’s a big effort, but it’s a win-win-win for Kane County residents, for local recyclers and for local government.

This year’s Recycling Extravaganza lived up to its name, with more than 2,000 people attending the lucky Saturday, June 13, event, more than 50 volunteers and staff to make it all come together and a list of recycled goods as long as your arm.

“The event ran as smooth as butter, not a glitch,” Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland said. “The weather was fine with not a drop of rain and even some sunshine near noon. Thank you to everyone who participated!”

At the end of the four-hour event, there were six trailers full of electronics, a 20-cubic-yard Dumpster of books for recycling, a full box-truck of Styrofoam, peanuts, and bubble wrap, more than 1,000 fluorescent tubes, a 30-cubic-yard truck full of latex paint, 30,000 pounds of documents for shredding, a half truck full of clothes, shoes, and textiles, plus 20 bicycles, a couple wheel chairs, and several pairs of crutches.

“All of this material will be kept out of landfills and will be put to better use through reuse and recycling!” Jarland said.

All in all, a pretty good half day’s work.

What Residents Had to Say

Dear Jennifer,

Kudos for the great Recycling event on Saturday …. I don’t know if you were the logistician for this or not, but whatever your role was in organizing, planning and executing this was outstanding!!!  It was so well planned, so well manned, that I was in and out in 10 minutes, and got “rid” of all my recyclable stuff that had been in the basement for nine months, and didn’t have to put it in the landfill.

I felt good about helping the environment for the future and cleaning out my stuff. Thanks for all the hard work;  I hope you keep your job for a long time.


Wendy Y.

Dear Jennifer Jarland,

Thank you so much for providing the recycling extravaganza June 13. We brought electronics, fluorescent tubes, and documents to be shredded and were so pleased to find the event highly organized and smoothly run. I had attempted to take our items to a different recycling event, in another community, some time ago and had to turn back because of the long lines waiting to get in. In contrast, the event today had almost no lines when we arrived around 10:30 and we were quickly through all areas. The helpers were all pleasant and very helpful.

With appreciation for this service to the community,

Kim E. (Sent from my iPad)