County Crack Sealing Moves to (Insert Dramatic Music Here) Randall Road June 8

County Crack Sealing Moves to (Insert Dramatic Music Here) Randall Road June 8

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For some reason or another, whenever we mention Randall Road in a headline, people sit up and take notice.

That might be because some parts of the Randall Road corridor handle up to 60,000 vehicles a day.

So, we expect a little bit of attention and perhaps a bit of angst regarding the news that the Kane County 2015 Crack Sealing program is scheduled to continue onto (insert dramatic music here) Randall Road starting the week of June 8, 2015. The duration of the work is estimated at four weeks.

The program involves filling and sealing roadway cracks on various county roads to extend the life of the pavement.

Subject to change, the roadways are scheduled to be treated in the following order:

  • Randall Road (Main Street to IL Route 38)
  • Randall Road (Silver Glen Road to Gyorr Road)
  • Randall Road (Hopps Road to College Green Drive)
  • Randall Road (at a bridge located 3,600 feet South of Main Street)
  • Meredith Road (at a bridge located 3,200 feet North of Beith Road)

The above-mentioned roads will remain open during treatment, with Meredith Road being reduced to one lane travel using temporary daily lane closures, and Randall Road having temporary lane closures in one direction only at a time.

Motorists should add additional time to their commutes, expect delays, watch for construction activity, and obey flaggers while traveling through the work areas. Motorists may want to consider the use of alternate routes while this work is being completed.

Questions or concerns may be directed to David Sitko at (630) 313-0754. For all Kane County Traffic Advisories, see KDOT Traffic Alerts.

SOURCE: Kane County Division of Transportation

2015 Crack Sealing - Randall Rd and Meredith Rd