This Weekend's Must-See Event: Trolley Museum's Amazing 'Rails to Victory' Reenactments

This Weekend’s Must-See Event: Trolley Museum’s Amazing ‘Rails to Victory’ Reenactments

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Remember our veterans by attending the Fox River Trolley Museum’s “RAILS TO VICTORY” WW2 Living History Reenactment by riding the infamous “Occupied France Trolley Adventure into occupied France to experience the suspense and drama of the heroism of the Allies and French citizens.

Continue your immersion in history by walking through World War II military encampment, viewing period battles on the banks of the Fox River, and being a fan at an actual U.S. Home Front Baseball game with the Rockford Peaches made famous in the 1992 Tom Hanks and Geena Davis film, “A League of their Own.”

Entry to the museum grounds is free and includes viewing of battles, period military encampments, demonstrations and a Rockford Peaches baseball game.

The Fox River Trolley Museum is located at 361 South LaFox St. (Route 31), South Elgin, IL 60177


  • Trolley Adventure Tours into Occupied France — Saturday
  • Large Battle Reenactment on Museum Grounds — Sunday
  • Historical Presentations and Demos
  • Army Medical Demonstrations
  • All-American Girls Baseball Game — Sunday afternoon
  • Military Vehicles
  • Period WW2 Bicycle Parade and Trail Ride — Sunday Morning.

Occupied France WW2 Trolley Adventure and Battle

Remember the sacrifice made by the Allies 71 years ago by taking a ride into occupied France, June 1944, just after the landings of D-Day when French Partisans rose up to destroy rail bridges, cut telephone wires and generally disrupt the German rear lines to ease the advance of the Allies.

The public is invited to ride special excursion tours which will recreate the European Inter-urban rail service that ran between Paris and Rouen, France, along the Seine River during the Summer of 1944. Passengers will board at Paris St. Lazare Station (Castlemuir Depot) and be required to present their French ID papers to the German Reichsbahn Railroad Conductors.  During the hour long round trip journey on the museum’s 3 miles of track to Duerr Forest Preserve and back, passengers will experience scenarios that include the French Resistance, German Patrols, Captured POWs, and an Allied Liberation battle. “Papers Please!”

The Occupied France Trolley Adventure is an immersive performance presented by WW2 Actors portraying historical characters from the war and will put passengers right into the action. Passengers will view and experience small performance stops along the trolley’s route recreating a variety of scenarios that played out in occupied France during the war. Passengers should be prepared to play along with the actors to fully enjoy the experience. This performance is family friendly; however, not recommended for very young children who may be upset by load noises, theatrical gun fire, and battle reenacting.

Passenger Reservations for these Fund Raising Special Excursions can be made through the museum main website at Fox River Trolley Museum Special Events. All proceeds shall go to maintain the museum and its collections.

Occupied France WW2 Trolley Adventure and Bridge Battles Timetable

  • Saturday, May 30, Departure Times: 10:30 a.m.  11 a.m. 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m.. 2 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3 p.m.