UPDATE: Get Your Free 'Passport to Adventure' to 50 Kane-DuPage Museums!

UPDATE: Get Your Free ‘Passport to Adventure’ to 50 Kane-DuPage Museums!

As a parent, I just have to say that this is a really cool idea, and I wish we had known about it back when our kids were younger.

You can get a free “Passport to Adventure,” a guide to the museums and nature centers of Kane and DuPage counties designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12 sponsored by the Kane-DuPage Regional Museum Association — and it’s as east as 1-2-3.

Here’s how it works:

1) Each summer from May 1 until Labor Day, pick up a (free!) passport booklet at a participating museum or participating local library.

2) Visit as many sites as you wish — museums, nature centers, and historic sites — described in the booklet. Receive a stamp at each participating site. Some sites are free, some charge a modest entry fee.

3) Some sites may offer a prize if you’ve visited a certain number of sites. Return your stamped booklet to the location from step 1.

Aurora Museum Passport Deals

Children who visit the Aurora Historical Society beginning May 1, 2015, can chart their own summertime voyage through the museums and nature centers of Kane and DuPage Counties thanks to the 2015 Passport To Adventure program sponsored by the Kane DuPage Regional Museum Association.

The little yellow “Passport to Adventure” booklet is available at the Tanner House (305 Cedar St. 60506, free tours every Wednesday and Sunday at 1,2 and 3pm) and the Pierce Art and History Center (20 E. Downer, 60505, Wednesdays-Saturdays Noon-4pm, free).

Also in Aurora, passports can be obtained at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum (53 N. Broadway, 60505), Sci-Tech Hands-On Museum (18 W. Benton, 60506), Blackberry Farm (100 S. Barnes Rd. 60506) and all locations of the Aurora Public Library.  Passports also are available at any of the other Kane or DuPage museums, which number about 70, in towns from A-Z, or at least Addison to Yorkville!

Passports are stamped at each of the participating museums, giving each young explorer a memento of a summer full of discovery.

Children who choose to start their journey by picking up a passport at either the Tanner House or the Pierce Center can return to the Pierce Center when they have 8 or more stamps to receive a small prize.


The Kane-DuPage Regional Museum Association (KDRMA) is an alliance of more than 50 museums. The organization serves its members through collaborative programming, promotion and professional development and networking.Our member museums offer a variety of interactive experiences whether your interest is history, science, the arts, nature, or just about anything else. We allow our visitors to get “eye level” with the objects and exhibits that make learning come alive.Experience your local culture by exploring a museum today.

In addition to the Tanner House, Pierce Center, Aurora Regional Fire Museum, Sci-Tech Hands-On Museum and Aurora Historical Society, here are the museums mentioned on the KDRMA website.

AHS-Passport to Adventure 2015