Property Tax FAQ: Is It Too Late to File an Assessment Complaint?

Property Tax FAQ: Is It Too Late to File an Assessment Complaint?

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Q: If I think my assessment is incorrect, is it too late to file an assessment complaint?

A: Generally, yes; by state law, complaints to the Board of Review must have been filed within 30 days after your township’s assessment roll is published in the newspaper.

The only exception is if there is a discrepancy in the physical data about your property, such as the assessment being based on a 2,400-square-foot house when you actually have a 2,200-square-foot house.

To compare your property’s physical attributes to the assessment records, contact your township assessor.

Q: OK, then: How do I know who my township assessor is, and who do I call?

A: Here’s a list!

  • Hampshire Township Assessor Rose M. Letheby: (847) 683-4480
  • Rutland Township Assessor Janet Siers: (847) 428-5219
  • Dundee Township Assessor Michael Bielak: (847) 428-2634
  • Burlington Township Assessor Debbie McKermitt: (847) 683-2555
  • Plato Township Assessor Janet Roush: (847) 464-4221
  • Elgin Township Assessor Steve Surnicki: (847) 741-5110
  • Virgil Township Assessor Michael Yagen: (815) 827-3383
  • Campton Township Assessor Alan Rottmann: (630) 513-5430
  • St. Charles Township Assessor Colleen Lang: (630) 584-2040
  • Kaneville Township Assessor Margaret Mangers: (630) 557-2858
  • Blackberry Township Assessor Uwe Rotter: (630) 365-9109
  • Geneva Township Assessor Denise Lacure: (630) 232-3600
  • Batavia Township Assessor Tammy Kavanaugh: (630) 879-1323
  • Big Rock Township Assessor Rebecca Byington: (630) 556-4340
  • Sugar Grove Township Assessor Laura Ross: (630) 466-5255
  • Aurora Township Assessor Davis Offutt: (630) 896-7792

More Info on Filing a Complaint

Complaint Forms:

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