NPHW Day 5: Health Department Celebrates 25 Years of Success

NPHW Day 5: Health Department Celebrates 25 Years of Success

  • NOTE: Throughout National Public Health Week, the Kane County Health Department has joined with communities around the country to recognize public health’s contributions and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation’s health. This year’s theme is “Healthiest Nation 2030.” Each day during NPHW, from April 6 through April 10, has had its own special theme, and on Friday, April 10, the last day of the week, the theme is Building on 20 Years of Success. 2015 is the American Public Health Association’s 20th anniversary for coordinating National Public Health Week and celebrating the accomplishments of the public health community over the last two decades.

The Kane County Health Department recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and while KCHD may be one of the youngest health departments in Illinois, it has seen its successes in that short time.

KCDH became the first county health department in Illinois to receive national accreditation. In 2015, Kane was ranked the fifth-healthiest county in the state. KCDH has also broken new ground by combining the expertise of other county departments, transportation and development, into the Kane County Planning Cooperative. The cooperative is one of the first nationwide to include health as a determining factor when making land-use planning decisions.

The Health Department has been observing NPHW all week long. Monday’s theme was “Raising the Bar,” Tuesday’s was “Starting from ZIP,” Wednesday’s was “Building Momentum” and Thursday’s focused on Building Broader Connections.

We have created a new page on our website where our partners can go to show support for public health and keep in touch with our process step by step. There, they can sign the Stakeholder Group Charter at and will be included in all messaging and correspondence related to the Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  Signing the charter adds your support with dozens of other partners in the local health system that are working together to build strong connections.

To learn more about how Kane County Health Department is working to improve the health of all of the county’s residents please visit For more information about National Public Health Week, visit

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