Glut of TVS, Old Laws Force Elgin Habitat ReStore to Stop Accepting Electronics

Glut of TVS, Old Laws Force Elgin Habitat ReStore to Stop Accepting Electronics

Large TVs Killing Recycling Efforts

As of May 1, 2015, the Elgin Habitat for Humanity ReStore location will no longer be accepting electronics for recycling. The Kane County Electronics Program includes the monthly collection event and a number of permanent drop-off locations. The drop-offs at public works in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and West Dundee will remain open for the time being.

Electronics recycling programs in the state are struggling due to the certain parameters in the 2009 Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act (PA 095-0959). The main issues are: (1) the manufacturer’s weight goals were set too low, and recyclers are meeting those goals well before the end of each year, at which point the funding from the manufacturers is finished until the following year; and (2) TVs and monitors with leaded glass cathode ray tubes brought in for recycling are far exceeding projected volumes, and the cost of shipping and processing that material is proving to be not viable financially.

Kane County, in an effort to sustain the monthly event and some drop-offs, is making some changes in its program.

The ReStore electronics drop-off has been slated for closure due to the large number of TVs the store is receiving from businesses as well as from individuals. Due to sheer volume, ReStore is unable to physically store the TVs and electronic equipment until the units are collected by the recycler.

“Kane County Recycles is grateful to the ReStore management and staff for their service to the program since August of 2012,” Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland said. “ReStore will continue to accept donations of building materials, and all other aspects of the business will remain the same.”

The Electronics Recycling Act requires electronics manufacturers to financially support residential recycling programs for their products at end-of-life and banned 17 electronic items from landfills.

“But unfortunately, businesses have taken advantage of this program, where they should be contracting with a recycler for electronics recycling,” Jarland said.

She asked businesses to consult this list of companies that can recycle electronics. Jarland saidElgin Recycling, at 660 Schiller St. in Elgin, can take business materials for a fee.

Residents can continue to deliver their electronics to the monthly collection event from 8 a.m. to noon on the second Saturday of each month at 540 S. Randall Road in St. Charles, or one of the permanent drop-offs at the Public Works buildings in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles or West Dundee.

More information can be found at /recycling

Questions: Kane County Recycling Coordinator, Jennifer Jarland, 630-208-3841,

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