ELECTION 2015: Get Ready for April 7!

ELECTION 2015: Get Ready for April 7!

So, you probably are enjoying your weekend or just got done enjoying your weekend, if you’re reading this on Monday, April 6.

Maybe you’re about to go to work, or just got to work, and you say to yourself, “Holy crud, there’s an election tomorrow, and I’m not even sure what’s on the ballot.”

This time around, you haven’t been hammered with political ads (except for that Rahm-Chuy thing, which sounds like something you might select from Column B of your favorite Chinese restaurant menu.) Without all the negative advertising that goes hand-in-hand with state and national elections, you’re not even sure who NOT to vote for.

While the good news is that there’s a relative sound of silence, there’s also the hard truth that local-election information is difficult to find. You might also be wondering where to look for results on election night.

In addition to KaneCountyConnects.com, here are a few resources to consider:


Election 2015

What’s the April 7 Consolidated Election About?

The April 7, 2015, consolidated election is one of those “close to home” ballots that’s really where the rubber meets the road in terms of local representation and local-government impact on your day-to-day life.

School boards, library boards, park boards, community college boards, city and village boards — these are the elected bodies that make decisions that affect many of our most vital services and the majority of our property tax bills. There are also seven referendums you should know about.

What’s on the Ballot

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