Realignment in the Future for Bliss / Fabyan / Main Intersections

Realignment in the Future for Bliss / Fabyan / Main Intersections

Preliminary engineering is now underway to realign the intersections of Bliss Road and Fabyan Parkway at Main Street Road near Batavia in unincorporated Blackberry Township, a project that has been in the works for more than a decade.

The proposed realignment will reduce congestion, increase safety creating a single four-leg intersection.

The project was first approved by the County Board nearly 13 years ago, when the county, the Kane County Forest Preserve District and the Batavia Park District began the process to set aside land for the improvement. Today, much of the right-of-way has been acquired, and intergovernmental agreements are in place to help bring the project to fruition.

Studies currently underway will provide information that will be needed before the actual design process occurs, and will ensure design of the best possible project. These studies include traffic projections, wetland delineation, geotechnical studies and utility and topographic surveys. Also, during this phase, additional coordination with adjacent land owners and other key stakeholders such as the Batavia Park District and the Kane County Forest Preserve will continue.

Throughout the process, the county will coordinate with environmental regulatory agencies and eventually hold a public meeting to present the results and obtain public input. Although preliminary engineering is underway, construction won’t likely begin until sometime after 2017.

SOURCE: Kane County Division of Transportation