Who Wore It Best? Barsanti? Chidester? McGrath?

Who Wore It Best? Barsanti? Chidester? McGrath?

Who wore it best?

Quick confession: I’m a guy.

That means sometimes I don’t notice things that I probably ought to, like fashion, for instance.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Who Wore It Best.” Or that there are multiple magazines, websites and tabloids that frequently ask that philosophical question, including but not limited to Glamour Magazine in the U.K., US magazine, Posh,  RedCarpet, SeventeenGawker.com — even the NY Post.

Seriously, no clue that was even a thing.

Until Friday afternoon, when I got back from lunch with some college friends, during which time the conversation ranged from sports to superhero movies and back to sports.

“Thank God you’re here,” said GIS Technologies and Emergency Communications Officer Lorraine Chidester, when I neared my workstation in Building A. Thanks to 30 years’ experience in the media business, I understood instantly that something was up — urgent, breaking news of catastrophic proportions. Information of such consequence that only I, longtime journalist and recently minted government employee Rick Nagel, could responsibly communicate to the public and mass media. “The Pulitzer,” I’m thinking. “New category for government news!”

Turns out the important question that needed to be answered is, “Who wore it best?”

It seems that, for reasons beyond reckoning or my ability to coherently explain, three people in the Kane County office were wearing pretty much exactly the same jacket at the same time. They are, from left to right in the feature photo of this article, Kane County Board Executive Assistant Dawn Barsanti, the previously mentioned GIS Technologies and Emergency Communications Officer Lorraine Chidester and Administrative Officer and FOIA Officer Ellen McGrath.

So, I took this photo with my cell phone. And you can be the judge.

Who wore it best?

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