E-Z List of IDOT Road Projects in Kane County

E-Z List of IDOT Road Projects in Kane County

Received an email today from alert reader Tony Gentile, who wanted to know more about Route 38 paving work.

Specifically, he wanted to know whether the Route 38 paving work he’d read about would fix the pothole problems between downtown Geneva and Randall Road and whether there were plans (as he said were rumored) to install a left-turn lane with a stoplight at Kaneville Road and Route 38, which is State Street in Geneva city limits.

We get a lot of questions like that here at Kane County Connects, but unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of answers. I do have three pieces of advice, however, for anyone looking for info on state route roadwork here in sleepy, enchanting Kane County, IL.


1. Ask your municipality’s public works department.

If the roadwork is within city limits, the municipal government (city or village) public works department will be intimately familiar with what’s going on in town. Those are the folks who deal directly with IDOT to coordinate plans. If the roadwork you’re interested in is outside municipal borders, the township road division generally will have up-to-date info, as well.

Kane County’s Division of Transportation is there to help, but going local will probably get you the most-recent news.


2. Ask IDOT.

It’s harder to get to talk to an actual human being than it used to be 10 or 20 years ago, but there are ways to communicate with the big government organizations. Here’s the contact info for IDOT:

Illinois Department of Transportation
2300 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62764

(217) 782-7820 or TTY (217) 524-4875

You can now submit your concerns, suggestions, or questions online. Your comments will be reviewed during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time). Comments sent during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and on holidays will be reviewed the next business day. All comments that request a reply will be sent a response within three business days.

There’s also the dreaded:

Online web form


3. Search the Internet

Nowadays, that’s where most people start.

IDOT has an excellent website, which includes an A-Z index, a Winter Road Conditions map and a lot of other valuable stuff. The volume of information can be intimidating and tough to sort through, but there’s always that handy search window at the top right on the home page.

A plain old Google search or any other search engine is often effective, too. Try to be specific. For example, I typed “Route 38 paving work in Geneva,” and found the graphic you see below.

For a regular update, here’s the link to the following graphic on state of Illinois roadwork in Kane County, found on the IDOT website with this URL: http://eplan.dot.il.gov/road/kane.htm


Effective: 11/25/14 1:35 PM


COST (millions)
Anderson RoadExtension of Anderson Road/grade separation over the Union Pacific RR. Elburn
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63698 Extension of Anderson Road from south of Keslinger Road to Illinois Route 38, construction of a grade separation structure over the Union Pacific Railroad along with associated improvements to Keslinger Road, Hick Drive and Prairie Valley Street including curb and gutter, median construction, pavement widening and resurfacing, traffic signals, ditch grading, landscaping, new storm sewer, construction of two retaining walls and all other incidental items to complete the project in Elburn.
Barrington RoadResurfacing Elgin
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60M21 0.46 mile of resurfcing on Bluff City Blvd. from US 20 to Gifford Road in Elgin.
Elgin BikewayOn-Street bike route, sodding, signage, light poles. Elgin
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63871 Project consists of adding an on-street bike route, pavement markings, intersection bump-out modifications, proposed 10 foot shared-use HMA off-street path, removing existing sidewalk, earth excavation, aggregate subgrade, PCC and HMA pavements, sodding, striping, signage, removal and relocation of light poles and all other incidental items to complete the work on the Elgin Bikeway from Kimball Street/Douglas Avenue to Congdon Avenue/Indian Drive in the City of Elgin.
Fabyan ParkwayWidening and resurfacing Batavia
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63818 Project consists of widening Fabyan Parkway to accommodate bi-directional left turn lanes, from east of IL 25 to Nagel Boulevard in Batavia.
French RoadNew bridge, guardrail and shoulder. Burlington, Hampshire Township
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63874 This project consists of the removal of the existing bridge and the construction of a new bridge, including approach pavement construction, pavement removal and reconstruction, placement of embankment, shoulder construction, guardrail installation, pavement markings and landscaping located on French Road over Burlington Creek, north of Burlington and south of Hampshire Township. 0.90 miles south of IL Route 72.
Hart RoadPedestrian Bridge Batavia
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 61A11 This project consists of sidewalk installation at various locations and a pedestiran bridge at Hart Road in Batavia. Locations: Alice Gustafson Elementary School, H C Storm Ele. School; along the north side of the Rotolo Middle School’s entrance Dr., along the west side of Hart Road between the Illinois Prairie Path and sidewalk that extends to Bond Drive.
Hill AvenueResurfacing Montgomery, Aurora Township
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60V19 This project consists of 0.73 miles of resurfacing, beginning on the centerline of Hill Avenue approximately 28 feet north of Goodwin Road and extending to a northerly direction to a point 52 ft south of Montgomery Road within the Village of Montgomery and Aurora Township in Kane and Kendall Counties.
IL 31 (Batavia Ave.)Resurfacing Batavia, Geneva
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60V08 Resurfacing on IL 31 (Batavia Ave) from Elizabeth Place to Main St. in Batavia and Geneva.
IL 31 @ Watkins st.Intersection improvement, traffic signals Montgomery
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60V53 Intersection reconstruction and traffic signal installation along IL 31 at Watkins St. in Montgomery.
IL 38Resurfacing Elburn, St. Charles, Geneva, Unincorporated Kane County
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60N38 9.0 miles of milling and resurfacing on IL 38 from IL 47 to IL e1 in Elburn, St. Charles, Geneva, and unincorporated Kane County.
IL 38 at Kautz RoadGrade separation, traffic signals, and drainage. West Chicago and Geneva
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60I22 1.86 miles of grade separation, roadway reconstruction, drainage, traffic signals, striping and other work on IL 38 at Kautz Rd. and the Union Pacific Railroad in Geneva and West Chicago.
TRAFFIC ALERT: New pattern of traffic over the Railroad – wb only-one lane eb of Kress Rd – and west of Kirk Rd. is also one lane. Results are one lane eb and wb on southside of new consteructed IL 38. Kautz Road will be closed with a posted detour. Detour route: Kirk Rd N to Averill Rd E to Kautz Rd. (also in DuPage County)
OTHER COMMENTS: Weather permitting, lane switches on IL 38 from Kirk Rd. to east of Technology Blvd in West Chicago and Geneva (begin 8/2014), Project complete in August , 2015.
IL 47Intersection reconstruction witih left turn lanes/traffic signals Sugar Grove
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63829 Reconstruct the intersection of IL 47 and Wanbonsee Drive/Old Oaks Road to add left turn lanes and the installation of traffic signals, located in unincorporated Sugar Grove, in Kane County.
IL 64Resurfacing Maple Park, Virgil, Virgil Township, Campton Township
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60V07 Resurfacing on IL 64 from County Line Road to IL 47 in Maple Park, Virgil, Virgil Township, and Campton Township.
IL 72Shoulder repair Hampshire
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60X02 Shoulder repair, rumble strips and guardrail on IL 72 from Dekalb County Line to French road in Hampshire.
Indian Trail Road over the Fox RiverWidening and deck replacement of two bridges. Aurora
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63863 Work consists of widening and deck replacement of the two structures carrying Indian Trail Road over the Fox River in the City of Aurora. Project will include pavement removal, PCC pavement, sidewalk, curb and gutter, storm sewer, lighting and all incidental work to complete the project in Aurora.
Maple AvenueResurfacing, street lighting Carpentersville
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63745 Full depth pavement reconstruction, storm sewer, water main, sanitary sewer, three sided structure replacement, street lighting and a HMA pedestrian path, on Maple Avenue from Washington Street to L.W, Besinger Dr. in the Village of Carpentersville.
Randall roadTraffic signal installation Kane County
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63862 Project consists of traffic signal improvements including removal and replacement of mast arms, signal heads, foundations and all other incidental items to complete the work on Randall Road from Fabyan Parkway to Silver Glen Road.
Stearns RoadIntelligent trasportation system, circuit television, speed confirmation signs, with existing traffic signal controllers. South Elgin
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 61A36 Project consists of the installation of an Intelligent Transportation System including Closed Circuit Television, Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor, Speed Confirmation Signs, and a Road Weather Information Station which will be integrated along with existing traffic signal controllers into the County’s Advanced Traffic Management System on Stearns Road from Randall Road to Dunham Road.
Tyler AvenueResurfacing St. Charles
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63462 Roadway improvements including HMA surface removal, leveling binder, HMA surface course, Class D patches, sidewalk replacement, curb and gutter replacement, driveway apron repair, thermoplastic pavement markings and all other incidental items to complete the work on Tyler Avenue from 200 feet south of Illinois Route 64 to Kirk Road in the City of St. Charles.
Union Pacific RR tracks over IL 25 and IL 25Railroad replacment, widening and traffic signals South Elgin
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63598 Project consists of replacing the structure carrying the UP Railroad over IL 25, the construction of a temporary shoo-fly structure to carry the UP Railroad over IL 25, the construction of a structure to carry IL 25 over the East Branch of Brewster Creek, roadway widening and reconstruction, traffic signal modernization and drainage improvements, located at the north approach to Brewster Creek to Dunham Road and the intersection of IL 25 at Gilbert Road in South Elgin. (The Chicago Central RR & Union Pacific RR is close by)
TRAFFIC ALERT: One lane is closed on the eastbound Stearns Road – leaving one lane for the left turn only lane.
OTHER COMMENTS: Be alert and watch for signs and drive responsibly.
US 20 (Lake St.)/McLean Blvd.Interchange reconstruction and lighting Elgin
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60H45 Interchange reconstruction of US 20 (Lake St.)/McLean Blvd. and bridge replacement of the structure carrying US 20 over McLean Blvd. Also lighting, traffic signal modernization and other work located in Elgin.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Motorists can expect temporary lane closures during daytime hour at various location, when needed, to accommodate work zone activities. Motorists should expect delays and use caution when workers are present. Alternate routes are encoursged as delays are anticipated. Mortorists are encouraged to watch for changes in the configurations within the next week.
OTHER COMMENTS: Stage 2, Main Line & Ramp Traffic Switch – Starting July 23, 2014, traffic on the existing westbound US 20 main line and the on/off ramps at McLean Blvd. will be switched to the newly constructed westbound lanes & ramps. Work will then begin in preparing stage 2 for eastbound traffic. This will consist of installing temporary pavement markings, relocating barrier wall and other miscellaneous items. All of this work will be completed in approximately 4 work days, weather permitting. After completion, US 20 will still have 2 lanes in each direction. Motorists should expect delays use caution in the work zone.
US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (North Junction)Widening, Resurfacing, left turn lanes, traffic signals Pingree Grove
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T10 0.91 mile of widening, resurfacing, left turn lanes, traffic signal modernization and lighting on US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (North Junction) in Pingree Grove.
US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (North Junction)Widening and resurfacing Pingree Grove
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T10 0.91 mile of widening, resurfacing, left turn lanes, traffic signal modernization and lighting on US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (North junction) in Pingree Grove.
US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (south Junction)Widening and resurfacing, left turn lanes. Pingree Grove
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T09 0.75 mile of widening and resurfacing, left turn lanes, traffic signal modernization and lighting on US 20 at IL 47/IL 72 (South Junction) in Pingree Grove.
US 30Roadway reconstruction, adding lanes, walls, bridge replacement, signals Montgomery, Oswego
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60I32 2.40 miles of roadway reconstruction including additional lanes, noise abatement walls, bridge replacement, traffic signal modernization and other work on US 30 from Briarcliff Rd. to US 34 in Montgomery and Oswego.
US 30 @ IL 31 & Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co. RRRoadway reconstruction, widening, bridge rehabilitation, and traffic signals. Montgomery
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60I33 0.80 mile of roadway reconstruction including widening for added lanes, bridge rehabilitation, traffic signals, striping and other work on US 30 at IL 31 and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company Railroad in Montgomery.
OTHER COMMENTS: Also in Kendall
Van Buren Street, William St, and Elgin AvenueResurfacing, curb and gutter and storm sewers. East Dundee
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63507 Project consists of earth excavation, removal of existing pavement in stages, driveways, and sidewalk construction of water main, storm sewers, drainage structures, combination curb and gutter, and bituminous concrete pavement together with pavement markings and all other incidental items to complete the work on Van Buren Street from IL 72 to William Street, and on Elgin Avenue from Barrington Road to the South Corporate Limits in the Village of East Dundee.
VariousIntermittent Resurfacing Montgomery, South Elgin, sugar Grove, Yorkville, Geneva, St. Charles
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60Y10 Intermittent resurfacing on various State maintained routes in Kane County.
VariousInstallation of solar-power beacon assembly and raised median. Batavia
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 61A42 Project consists of the installation of solar-power flashing beacon assemblies, a raised median refuge island, earth excavation, PCC sidewalk, detectable warnings, concrete curb and gutter removal and replacement, sign panels, concrete foundation, thermoplastic pavement markings and all other incidental items to complete the work on Various Routes in the City of Batavia.
Wilson StreetWidening and resurfacing. Batavia
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63763 Work consists of widening and resurfacing for additional parking, reconstruction of pedestrian facilities, traffic signal interconnect and modernization, water main replacement and sanitary sewer rehabilitation on Wilson St. From Batavia Avenue to Island Avenue in the City of Batavia.