ASK MARK: How Do I Know If I Got My Homestead Exemption?

ASK MARK: How Do I Know If I Got My Homestead Exemption?

  • Mark D. Armstrong, CIAO, Kane County’s supervisor of assessments since 2006, has nearly 30 years’ experience in property valuation. Click here for more about Mark. To Ask Mark a question, email it to or mail it to: Mark at 719 South Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL 60134.

In our last installment of “Ask Mark,” which followed up on Kane County Development & Community Services Department Director Mark VanKerkhoff’s excellent article headlined 4 Really Good Reasons to Get a Building Permit, Kane County’s super supervisor of assessments explained why home-remodelling projects DO NOT mean your property-tax bill will go up.

Pretty darned good news, right?

Well, there’s a follow-up question to that article, which follows this sentence …

Q: Just a follow up to your post today. Very timely as I am currently waiting for the inspector to do my final inspection on my basement finishing project. (Only took a year … but done!) When I look online at my bill (for this  next year) … how will I be able to tell if I did receive the Homestead Improvement Exemption? Just want to make sure it posts.

A: I’m glad you were able to see it when it did! You can tell if you are receiving any exemption in a few different ways:

  • You can check the right column on the property tax bill; or …
  • You can visit, select “Property Search,” enter your parcel’s index number, and view the list of exemptions; or …
  • Give my office a call at 630-208-3818 and any one of my deputies can look it up for you.

Thanks for contacting me, and enjoy your new finished basement!

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