100 People: A Kane County Portrait

100 People: A Kane County Portrait

Probably, you’ve seen the “100 People: A World Portrait” website, but if you haven’t, it’s kind of eye-opening.

The 100 People Projects aim is to foster better understanding of the world population — who we are, and what our our strengths and challenges might be for a world that now contains almost 7 billion people. It’s part of the Global Education Toolbox, and there are lesson plans and videos.

Which got us to thinking: What if we were to look at Kane County in the same way, with the same overarching perspective?

Thanks to Mark VanKerkhoff and Brett Hanlon of the Kane County Development & Community Services Department, we’ve done exactly that for Kane County’s population of more than 523,000.

“The media created by the 100 People Foundation is intended to educate, entertain and inspire participants to learn more about world geography, culture, language, religion, music and our shared resources.”

We hope this presentation will do likewise for Kane County.

If Kane County Were 100 People:


  • 50 would be male
  • 50 would be female


  • 72 would be over the age of 18
  • 28 would be under the age of 18
  • 11 would be over the age of 65


  • 31 would be Hispanic
  • 58 would be Caucasian
  • 5   would be African American
  • 3  would be Asian
  • 3  would be another race

Marital Status

  • 54 would be married


  • 29 would currently be in school
  • 31 would have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 11 would have a graduate or professional degree or higher

 Place of Birth

  • 80 would have been born in the United States
  • 19 would be foreign born
  • 1 would have been born abroad to American parents


  • 7 would be naturalized citizens
  • 12 would be non-citizens


  • 81 would speak English
  • 13 would speak Spanish
  • 6 would speak another language


  • 56 would be affiliated with a religious congregation


  • 7 would have diabetes
  • 66 would be overweight
  • 28 would be overweight and obese


  • 11 would be in poverty
  • 8 would have a disability

Kane County Race Breakdown

 SOURCE: Kane County Development & Community Services Department