State Supreme Court Warns Kane Residents of Jury Duty Scam

State Supreme Court Warns Kane Residents of Jury Duty Scam

The state of Illinois  Supreme Court issued a Security Information Bulletin today, warning residents of Kane County of a jury-duty telephone scam.

According to the release, a similar scam has been reported across the country but is “presently active in the 23rd Circuit Court in neighboring Kendall County.

“The fraudulent scam involves an individual telephoning a citizen and advising them that they missed scheduled jury duty and that a judge has issued an arrest warrant,” the bulletin says.

In the Kendall County case, the caller identified himself as “Captain David Allen” from the “Federal Warrant Division.” The caller also provided the name of a sitting 23rd Circuit Court Judge as the jurist who issued the arrest warrant.

The caller then advises the victim that he or she can avoid arrest by paying the “fine” immediately.

The caller instructs the victim to obtain a “money pack” — a type of prepaid credit card available at many retail establishments — and to call “Captain Allen” at a specified phone number. The victim is asked to read the numbers off of the money pack so that the matter can be settled.

“While it is unclear how widespread this fraudulent activity may be within Illinois, it is likely that this particular scam may appear in other circuits throughout the state of Illinois,” the bulletin says.

Recipients are encouraged to share the contents of this notification with all court officers of your jurisdictions and your local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction.


SOURCE: Supreme Court of Illinois