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ROE’s New, Weekly Photo Contest Will Celebrate Student Creativity and Talent

High school students from Kane County’s nine districts are encouraged to submit their photography for a weekly photo contest organized by the Kane County Regional Office of Education and displayed every Wednesday on Kane County Connects until the end of the fall semester. The subject matter and medium can vary; the only requirement is that an art teacher at the participating high school must approve the submission for appropriate content.

The Kane County High School photography initiative is to recognize and celebrate the talent within the art departments in neighboring high schools. This includes the knowledge and support handed down by the instructors, as well as the creativity harnessed by the students.

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 8, the top 10 photos submitted by art or photography teachers will be published for Kane County Connects daily newsletter subscribers, blog readers and Facebook fans. To learn more about photo submissions, please contact Ellen Kamps at ekamps@kaneroe.org.