Noon Thursday Deadline to Submit Election-Related Opinion

Noon Thursday Deadline to Submit Election-Related Opinion

Kane County Connects hasn’t received a flood of election-related opinion letters and guest essays, but we’ve gotten a steady stream, so thank you very much for pouring your thoughts and ideas onto our pixilated pages.

This note is to let you know we’ll be turning off the spigot for election-related opinion pieces at noon Thursday, Oct. 30. Like the opinion pages of some newspapers, we’ll cut off the opinion pieces to provide a little buffer prior to the Tuesday, Nov. 4, General Election.

Please don’t take this notice as incentive to have 40 of your closest friends write about why they don’t like a specific referendum or candidate. If you’d like to say why you WILL vote for a specific referendum or candidate, that might be a very good thing, but keep in mind please that I’m the only lifeguard on duty, and I can’t save the opinion page from a tsunami.

To submit a letter to the editor or guest essay, email Include your full name, address and telephone number for verification purposes. If you can also include a URL to your Facebook page, LinkedIn contact or other social media to verify your identity, that helps.

For some general guidelines, please read this article.