Letter to the Editor: I Am Opposed to the Gail Borden Library Referendum

Letter to the Editor: I Am Opposed to the Gail Borden Library Referendum

Dear Editor:

The following is my input to the Gail Borden Library referendum on the Nov 4 ballot.

I am totally against this program as I already pay property tax for library services at Elgin Community College. As a senior citizen, I do not need duplicate services that affect my property tax bill.

This Gail Borden program will increase my property tax bill by $720 per the formula identified in this article in the village of Campton Hills newsletter.

I have served this issue up to Chris Lauzen and have received his agreement. I have served this input up to the elected officials of Campton Hills, which is my residence area.

It is my understanding that Gail Borden Library wants this approval so the monies would be used with the Burlington School District. This appears to be a back-door effort for the school district to secure monies.

This could be a “selection program” and not a mandatory program. If residents want the library service of the Gail Borden Library, they could have the option to individually select the option and not affect residents who do not and will not use the Gail Borden Library.

IF residents of our geographic area want library services, they could go to other library districts and for $125 secure a library membership as a non-resident. The other library districts are geographically closer to our homes than the Gail Borden Library.

Our property taxes are out of the normal as is. I do not want to see another property tax for services that I already pay property taxes for.

Norm Turner
Campton Hills resident


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