Letter to the Editor: Americans Deserve Tax Code That Is Fair to Everyone

Letter to the Editor: Americans Deserve Tax Code That Is Fair to Everyone

Dear Editor:

The deck has been stacked against an economy that works for everyone, except for the wealthy few!

Thanks to the 2010 and 2014 disastrous decisions of Citizens United and McCutcheon vs. FEC by the Supreme Court, corporations and billionaire families can give unlimited amounts of money to buy our elections and politicians.

Not one Senate Republican voted in support of a recent attempt to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon, not even House Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren of Illinois’ 14th District.

When it comes to income and wealthy inequality, Americans deserve a tax code that is fair to everyone. From 1980-2006, the wealthiest 1 percent tripled their share of after-tax income, while everyone else stayed the same or lost ground.

In the past 10 years, the number of impoverished children has increased by 30 percent. Households with the fewest assets lost the most ground. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutritional programs and refuse to help students. Millions of families are unable to afford health care or a college education, while one out of four major corporations pay no taxes at all, along with the NFL! The average college debt grew from $17,000 in 2001 to $29,000 in 2013. Recently, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tried to get relief for students by getting her bill passed called Bank on Student Emergency Loan Refinancing Act or S.2432. Who has enabled the corporations, and Wall Street to cannibalize the lives of others to such a degree? Congressman, Randy Hultgren!

It’s no wonder four presidents of the 14th District’s League of Women Voters can not get Hultgren to debate his opponent Dennis Anderson before the November election as he might have to account for his voting record!

Joni Lindgren


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