Election 2014: You Can't Vote Often, But You Can Vote Early — Starting Now

Election 2014: You Can’t Vote Often, But You Can Vote Early — Starting Now

Early voting allows voters to cast a full ballot before the observed Election Day — and the 2014 early voting period starts … now.

Why would you want to vote early, you ask?

“Although voters can still go to their polling place on Election Day, this is intended to make voting easier for everyone,” the Kane County Clerk’s Office website says. “This cuts down on lines at the polling place as well as allowing voters to vote when it fits their schedule.”

For the Nov. 4, 2014, General Election, early voting begins today (Monday, Oct. 20) through Sunday, Nov.2, 2014.

The ballot is the same whether voting absentee, early or at the polling place on Election Day. To find out how to look at your own individualized sample ballot online, see this article on Kane County Connects.

Keep in mind that early voting is NOT conducted at your usual polling place. (Polling places will only be open for voting on Election Day.) Early voting is conducted at assigned locations throughout Kane County. You may go to any one of the assigned locations to vote early.

Click here to view a PDF of early voting locations and dates for the 2014 General Election. Screenshots from the PDF are below.


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