Carpentersville Water Tower Makes #TankOfTheYear Calendar

Carpentersville Water Tower Makes #TankOfTheYear Calendar

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The beautiful Carpentersville water tower will be featured on the 2015 #TankOfTheYear calendar.

(Insert inappropriate wolf whistle here.)

For the second year in a row, Tnemec allowed the public to choose the top 12 tanks in the nation during the annual Tank of the Year contest. After three weeks of intense back-and-forth in the ballots, and 14,694 total votes registered, the tank nominations were whittled down from 235 entries to a dozen front-runners.

Tnemec teases us by not naming the runners-up in order of their finish, but we do know that Carpentersville was in third place on the final day of the competition.

Tnemec chose Midland, TX, as the 2014 Tank of the Year.

“This two-million-gallon composite tank, located in the middle of the T-Bar Well Field in Midland, provides water to an expanding area already full of production wells, pipelines, and several oil and gas service facilities. The water tank was completed in less than 12 months and painted using Tnemec’s high-performance fluoropolymer finish for water tanks, Series 700 HydroFlon, ensuring the tank’s intricate and creative logo remains constant for years to come.”

And, really, how can you compete with that?

The Midland tank (insert inappropriate boos and catcalls here — OK, maybe that’s getting a little too far into the competition) will be featured in Tnemec’s 2015 water tank calendar, with a photo on the cover and on the month of January, and all other runners-up will be featured on the following months. (Yay!) These calendars will be available soon; you can click here to preorder one today.

Earlier this week, the top 12 tanks were announced, and the tank that received the most votes during the contest, Lebanon, MO, was named the “People’s Choice.” The other 10 featured tanks, in alphabetical order, are as follows: Artesia, NM; Carpentersville, IL; Chatham, Ontario, Canada; Columbia, SC; Fairborn, OH; Kansas City, MO; Mount Prospect, IL; Normal, IL; Pekin, IL; and Plainview, TX.

“Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to Midland, Texas, our official 2014 Tank of the Year winner,” Tnemec said on its website. “Although only one tank could win, all of the nominated water tanks deserve credit for making this year’s contest such a success.”

SOURCE: Tnemec press release