Where'd That Lighthouse Go? Don't Worry, Fabyan Icon Will Be Back

Where’d That Lighthouse Go? Don’t Worry, Fabyan Icon Will Be Back

Long a fixture of the Fox River shoreline, the lighthouse at Fabyan Forest Preserve will  be temporarily removed this week for restoration work.

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It’s estimated the lighthouse was built between 1912 and 1917. After more than 100 years of braving the  elements, the lighthouse was in need of repair, cracked in various spots and appeared to be leaning.

Upon August approval from the Planning & Utilization Commission, the Kane County Forest Preserve District began work to rehab  the concrete structure. Initially, the light was removed, but as staff began to document how the support  structure was originally constructed, it became apparent that the lighthouse was not safe to remain in  place.

The district now plans to rebuild the structure, using as much of the former lighthouse as possible, and  to install permanent interpretive signage that documents the former structure’s appearance and history. A  temporary sign is posted alerting preserve users to the restoration project.

Plans are to reinstall the Fabyan lighthouse and signage in spring 2015.

Fabyan Forest Preserve is located at 1925 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva. For more information about Fabyan Forest Preserve, click on this link.



SOURCE: Kane County Forest Preserve District press release