Reader Poll: What Do You Think About Medical Marijuana?

Reader Poll: What Do You Think About Medical Marijuana?

Today (Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014) is the first day agencies in Illinois will accept applications for medical marijuana from patients and registered caregivers. It begins a period when the medical cannabis pilot program is put into practice, opening the door for as many as 100,000 Illinois residents who would be eligible for the program, according to an Associated Press article published in the Daily Herald and other media.

In Kane County, Elgin approved a medical marijuana dispensary in an 8-1 vote on Aug. 27. Salveo Health & Wellness will operate the dispensary at 1330 Crispin Drive if it wins approval by the state of Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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What is your opinion on medical marijuana? For a topic like this, everyone is going to have their own opinions, which is fine. Let’s take something like Florida Marijuana for example. It is best to do your research into this industry or any industry that you want to find out more about.Some people believe that its versatile benefits mean that it has an important role to play in many peoples attempts to ease the suffering they have had to contend with. If it’s legalised, it will become a lot easier to shop weed online. As it becomes more accepted within society hopefully the stigma that surrounds it also dissipates. Often people who are misinformed associate users with a stoner culture. But this is not always the case. Some actually use hemp derived cbd only in attempt to make living with their ailments easier. But some will still ask if its a good thing. Will it have negative consequences for safety? Will it be difficult to enforce? Share your opinions on the Kane County Connects Facebook page or comment on this article.

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