Longmeadow Parkway Vision Comes to Life in KDOT’s 3D Animated Video

Longmeadow Parkway Vision Comes to Life in KDOT’s 3D Animated Video


Since the late 1980s, Kane County officials have envisioned a four-lane Fox River Bridge crossing to alleviate traffic congestion in northern Kane County.

Now, as part of the final design proposal, an engineering team has developed a 3D animated video that brings that vision to life.

The Longmeadow Parkway Flyover Video, embedded in this article and posted on the Kane County’s Division of Transportation website, shows a portion of the corridor project from a moving-camera perspective, ranging from a bird’s-eye view to ground level, and using the real-time motion of cars, bicyclists and pedestrians to set the pace.

The engineering team, led by Crawford Murphy and Tilly, assisted by Invision, created the video so that Kane County residents can have a clear picture of what the proposed four-lane Fox River bridge crossing would look like.

The video begins with a view of the south side of the Fox River bridge, moves to the proposed mixed-use path overpass within the Brunner Family Forest Preserve, tracks in an easterly direction to the intersection of Longmeadow Parkway and the Bolz Road connector, then turns around, heading in a westerly direction back over the bridge and finishing back at the Brunner Family Forest Preserve proposed mixed use path overpass.

The full Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor is a proposed four-lane Fox River bridge crossing and four-lane arterial roadway corridor with a median, approximately 5.6 miles in length. The proposed road passes through portions of the villages of Algonquin, Carpentersville and Barrington Hills, as well as unincorporated areas of Kane County.

The county, in coordination with the state of Illinois, is finalizing Phase II engineering. A significant portion of the land acquisition is complete, and efforts are under way to program the future construction funds for the entire 5.6-mile corridor, presently estimated to cost $97 million.

Click this link to watch the video on YouTube.


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