Medical Marijuana Dispensary Likely Will Be in Elgin

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Likely Will Be in Elgin

It looks like Kane County’s first medical marijuana dispensary will be in Elgin.

According to reports in the Daily Herald, The Courier-News and others, Salveo Health and Wellness received the OK for a special use permit in a 6-1 vote from the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission to operate a dispensary at 1330 Crispin Drive, Unit 215, in the Fox Bluff Corporate Center, located at Bowes Road and McLean Boulevard.

The Elgin City Council has yet to make the final approval, but the council has approved the rules and guidelines that allow that use.

Some businesses in the area of the proposed dispensary expressed concerns about parking and security, according to the Daily Herald, but representatives of Salvo Health said armed guards and video surveillance cameras would help ensure that the dispensaries are secure. This would create the opportunity for more dispensaries to open such as a san jose dispensary and make it a safe place to buy from. Dispensaries are becoming increasingly more popular, you can even order things online though if you would prefer (from places like this online dispensary canada). However, first make sure that you are allowed to. There are a load of different dispensaries that you can go to though, it just depends where you live and also if it’s legal. For example, if you like in ohio, then you could check out these ohio dispensaries, but there are just plenty of others that you could go to.

According to its website, Salveo Health and Wellness is an Illinois company desiring to open a medical marijuana dispensaries and or cultivation centers in Illinois.

“Salveo Health and Wellness has partnered with MedMen, one of the most respected and experienced medical marijuana consultants in the country to ensure that the proposed dispensaries and or cultivation centers are discreet, professional, and secure,” its website says. “Our main goal is to ensure that local governments and the community leaders are educated as to what the current law entails and how it will impact the community.”

According to state law, Kane County can have up to two medical marijuana dispensary facilities.

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