Kane County Appointed Boards and Commissions — What They do, Who’s on Them, and How You Can Get Involved

Kane County Appointed Boards and Commissions — What They do, Who’s on Them, and How You Can Get Involved

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Mark VanKerkhoff, Kane County Development & Community Services Department director

Not all citizens of Kane County serve on one of Kane County’s local boards and commissions, but it really does take a lot of people. The citizens who serve on them are an important part of Kane County’s government service, and periodically need to be replaced by people like you.

You may already know that there are nine countywide elected officials. There are also 24 County Board representatives, each of whom represent a district of approximately 21,000 people.

County Board members are elected, along with the County Board chairman, in general elections. The County Board chairman, with the advice and consent of the County Board members, in turn appoints citizens to more than 300 appointed positions, boards and commissions charged with specific responsibilities and tasks for assisting the County Board in running the county.

These dedicated, talented citizens (like you) lend their specific educational and vocational expertise and experience and help Kane County be the great place it is to live, work and play.

As a summary, there are 10 individuals who are appointed to serve in roles ranging from the county engineer (keeping our county highways safe) to Kane County representatives on regional boards such as PACE and METRA.

About 300 individuals serve on 39 boards and commissions. Boards and commissions range from helping make land use decisions to recommending how grant funds are allocated. These boards and commissions represent a ton of expertise being applied to helping our elected officials run county government, the majority of whom serve as unpaid volunteers or for minimal compensation.

By now you may be wondering, “who does what, do they get paid, and how can I get appointed?”  The good news is that for the first time, all of this information is in one place and available to the public.

The list of Appointed Positions, Boards and Commissions for Kane County is now available online at www.countyofkane.org or in printed form by request.  The even better news is that now citizens can see which commission or board draws their interest and when vacancies and/or reappointments are coming up.  County Board members can look ahead and steer residents from their districts to where they could serve and make significant contributions.

So, do you want to contribute your time and talents? Contact me at (630) 232-3451, and I will put you in touch with someone who can help you help Kane County become a better place to live, work and play.

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