Back to School — Need a Birth Certificate for Enrollment?

Back to School — Need a Birth Certificate for Enrollment?

The school year is fast approaching. Time to get your children enrolled in school. In the hustle and bustle of getting school supplies, going to orientation, and the many other things that go along with going back to school, a birth certificate may be needed to get your child enrolled in school.

The Kane County Clerk’s Office is the holder of records for people born in Kane County, IL. If your child was born in any of the listed hospitals in Kane County — Delnor, Geneva Community Hospital (now closed), St. Joseph Hospital, Sherman Hospital, Presence Mercy Center or Rush Copley — the Kane County Clerk’s office should have the record on file.

Birth certificates may be obtained by parents listed on the document, the child if he or she is 18 or older or a court-ordered legal guardian. The record can be requested in person, by mail or ordered via the Internet at A valid government issued photo ID is required to obtain the  document.

Fees for the birth certificates are $11 for the first certified copy, and $4 for each additional certified copy of the same document. By state law, the Kane County Clerk’s Office cannot provide information from a birth certificate or other vital record over the phone.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Kane County Clerk’s Office at 630-232-5950 or visit the clerk’s website at and look under Vital Records.

Please note: If your child was born in another county, you would need to go to the county office in the county where the hospital is located to obtain the birth record. The Kane County Clerk’s Office only holds records for those life events that took place in Kane County.


SOURCE: Kane County Clerk’s Office “Up Front” newsletter. 


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