Sugar Grove Assessment Changes Published July 15 in Beacon-News

Sugar Grove Assessment Changes Published July 15 in Beacon-News

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Hey, if you live in Sugar Grove Township, your assessment changes are being published Tuesday, July 15, in The Aurora Beacon-News.

And for the record, you can also find that information online. On the date of publication for any township assessment changes in Kane County, you can always find an online copy of the assessments at this link on the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments webpage.

After all revisions and corrections by the township assessor are applied, an equalization factor  is calculated, and in the case of Sugar Grove Township, each non-farm property was equalized with a factor of 0.9896.

To obtain assessment information about a property in Sugar Grove Township, you should check the Sugar Grove Township Assessor’s website. For other townships in Kane County, you can find a full directory of township assessors’ websites here.

To obtain complaint forms and a copy of the Rules and Procedures of the Kane County Board of Review, visit Kane County Assessments complaint page or call (630) 208-3818.

For Sugar Grove Township folks, with the July 15 publication, the 30-day clock starts ticking regarding the time you have to formally protest the assessed value of your property. Sugar Grove Township complaints must be filed by Aug. 14. No complaint for property in this township can be accepted after that date.

The following townships are open for filing assessment complaints, and the following deadlines have been established for filing an assessment complaint:

  • Hampshire: July 23
  • Big Rock: Aug. 1
  • Virgil: Aug. 4
  • Dundee: Aug. 7
  • Rutland: Aug. 11
  • Sugar Grove: Aug. 14
Again, no complaint for property in these townships can be accepted after these dates.
Still to come are assessment changes for Burlington, Plato, Elgin, Campton, St. Charles, Kaneville, Blackberry, Geneva, Batavia and Aurora townships. No filing deadline has been established for these townships.
SOURCE: Kane County Supervisor of Assessments newsletter


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