'Ask Mr./Ms. Kane County Person': Where Are the Signs on Randall Announcing Route 38 Is Coming Up?!

‘Ask Mr./Ms. Kane County Person’: Where Are the Signs on Randall Announcing Route 38 Is Coming Up?!


It is time once again for “Ask Mr./Ms. Kane County Person,” the column that unabashedly mimics the “Ask Mr. Language Person” columns written by the late Dave Barry, who is still alive as far as we know.

“Ask Mr. Kane County Person” is premised on the notion that we (meaning me) don’t have to do any actual work if someone asks a question and we (meaning I) can get someone from county government (meaning Carl Schoedel) to answer it.

This week’s question comes from Lyle Rolfe, who we should mention — for the sake of full disclosure — used to work with me at The Beacon News before we (meaning Sun-Times Media West Region) added back the hyphen from the olden days and made it The Beacon-News. Lyle was not in any way coerced, prompted or encouraged to ask this question, and if you know Lyle, you know he needs no coercion, prompting or encouragement whatsoever to aim crotchety, pointed questions at elected officials or government employees, him being a longtime journalist and all.



Good morning! I’ve noticed while driving along Orchard and Randall roads that most times there are road signs posted for the main roads crossing these busy roads. This of course makes it easier for drivers to get into the proper lane before the turn etc.  But there are no advance signs from either direction for the IL Route 38 crossing, which also happens to be the historic Lincoln Highway. This is a busy intersection, and it’s not always easy to see the signs at the intersection, especially if one is behind a truck or other large vehicle. There should be advance signs along Randall Road for Route 38 and for the Lincoln Highway designation. There are turn lanes here and a driver often needs extra time to change lanes because of heavy traffic. Not all drivers are as familiar with the area as we are. I’m sure this is just an oversight by someone in the Kane County Highway Department, but it’s a situation that I think should be corrected. Thanks for looking into this, Lyle R. Rolfe.



Mr. Rolfe,

Your observations are spot on.  I contacted our traffic engineering section, and they are working with our sign shop to draw up a work order to install these signs along Randall in advance of IL Route 38.  They should be up in a matter of weeks.



Hey, how about that! When the signs go up, we’ll post a photo and share with you all. Which once again will allow me to escape from doing any actual work.


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