Where to Sign Up for FREE Air-Quality Forecasts and Alerts

Where to Sign Up for FREE Air-Quality Forecasts and Alerts

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Just in case you want to know, the air quality officially is “good” today (Tuesday, June 3) and will be again tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4). No need to thank me.

But you could thank me — and do a favor for “your ownself,” as Dan Jenkins would say — by signing up for email or text alerts about your air quality.

When we breathe, we take in more than just air. On some days, there may be elevated levels of air pollution, specifically ozone and particulate matter, which change the outdoor air quality. Just like the weather, our air quality is forecasted every day. The daily air quality is assigned a category with a corresponding color. Also, there are actions we should take for each category.

Daily air quality information is also available through the Chicago Air Quality hotline at 312.744.4365. For residents outside of the City of Chicago, the Air Pollution Hotline at 708.865.6320 provides daily air quality information for all sectors in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

More Air-Quality Info/Fun Facts

  • Open burning is restricted in many portions of Kane County.
  • Read about Kane County Burning Regulations:
  •  A permit and a fee is required for ceremonial fires/bonfires in Kane County
    • Click Here for an application and the current fee rate.
  • Read the Outdoor Air Quality Data for Kane County presentation by Jacob Persky, MPH, CIH


SOURCE: Kane County Health Department Air Quality Page