County Transporation Collects $1.5 Million in Impact Fees

County Transporation Collects $1.5 Million in Impact Fees

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Kane County collected $1.5 million in impact fees, which paid for some major road improvements during the 2013 fiscal year.
The Fiscal Year 2013 Impact Fee Accounting Report (Exhibit A) recently was reviewed by the Roadway Improvement Impact Fee Advisory Committee. Based on statutory requirements, the report includes total funds collected, the source of funds collected, the total amount of interest accrued on such funds, and the amount of funds expended on road improvements during Fiscal Year 2013.

Primary projects with roadway impact fee funding for FY2013 include:

  • Anderson Road
  • Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor
  • Orchard Road widening from Jericho Road to US30
  • Plank Road realignment at Burlington Road
  • Plank Road at IL Route 47 intersection improvements
  • Stearns Road Bridge Corridor

A copy of the report will be published in the local newspaper according to statutory requirements.

The total FY2014 Transportation Budget is $81,952,752 – The Division of Transportation is funded by three property tax levies (i.e. County Highway, County Bridge, County Matching), two motor fuel tax funds (i.e. Motor Fuel Tax and Local Option Motor Fuel Tax), reimbursements and other sources (i.e. State, Federal, Impact Fees, Local, developers contributions, and transfers), and previous year fund balances to include the Transportation Capital Fund. It should be noted that the Division of Transportation budget is not funded through the General Fund of the County.

The FY2014 Transportation Improvement Program is primarily a continuation of the FY2013 Program and includes the following efforts:

  • Stearns Road Bridge Corridor (IL 25 widening) – Construction
  • Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor – Phase II Eng. and Land Acquisition
  • Anderson Road – Land Acquisition and Construction
  • Various Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement Projects
  • Various Maintenance Projects
  • Various Safety and Traffic Enhancement Projects


SOURCE: Kane County Division of Transportation