UPDATED: Where to Find Help in Kane County

UPDATED: Where to Find Help in Kane County


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  • (Editor’s Note: Several readers emailed me to say the Kane County Guide to Services link was off. We’ve fixed that and we’re republishing in the Tuesday, April 29, 2014 newsletter. Thanks to all those who emailed the information to ricknagel23@gmail.com. Thanks, too, for your well-wishes on the newsletter relaunch.)


There is a place where people can find help.

The difficult part, of course, is helping them find that place — online.

If you know someone who is in need of help in Kane County — whether it’s because they’ve fallen on hard economic times or are the victim of domestic violence or have issues with substance abuse or simply need help finding education, consumer, health and safety or legal advice — the “one-stop shop” online is the Kane County Guide to Community Services.

The guide is sponsored by the United Ways of the Fox Valley, Central Kane County, Batavia and Elgin, hospitals including Advocate Sherman Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital and Rush Copley, and units of government, including Kane County, Batavia, Dundee and Elgin townships, the Gail Borden Library.

If you get a chance, please bookmark this online resource and share it with anyone you know who is in need or might know someone in need.

The site contains 1,189 resources and populates 3,653 services.

It allows users to start a resource search, do advanced searches, and find useful and up-to-date answers to frequently-asked questions.

And it’s a great landing place for agencies that deliver services to people in Kane County.

Here’s a sampling of some of the services offered:

Basic Needs

  • Programs that furnish survival level resources including food, housing, material goods, transportation and utilities for individuals with low or fixed incomes, people who are… (more)

Consumer Services

  • Programs that provide for the education and protection of individuals who buy products and services for personal use. Included are programs that establish and enforce consumer… (more)

Criminal Justice and Legal Services

  • Programs that promote and preserve the conditions that enable community residents to live in a safe and peaceful environment through the enforcement of laws that protect life… (more)


  • Programs that provide opportunities for people to acquire the knowledge, skills, desirable qualities of behavior and character, wisdom and general competence that will enable… (more)

Environment and Public Health/Safety

  • Programs that protect and conserve natural resources, prevent or reduce environmental pollution, promote environmental and public health, develop and implement measures for… (more)

Health Care

  • Programs whose primary purpose is to help individuals and families achieve and maintain physical well-being through the study, prevention, screening, evaluation and treatment… (more)

Income Support and Employment

  • Programs that help to meet the economic needs of the community by helping residents prepare for, find and sustain gainful employment; providing public assistance and support… (more)

Individual and Family Life

  • Programs that promote the personal, social and spiritual development of people in the community by offering services that replace or supplement the care and support that is… (more)

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

  • Programs that provide preventive, diagnostic and treatment services in a variety of community and hospital-based settings to help people achieve, maintain and enhance a state… (more)

Organizational/Community/International Services

  • Programs that provide any of a broad spectrum of services that benefit entire communities or which offer services that are statewide, regional, national or international in… (more)