Wahlburgers St. Charles Breaks Ground, Set To Open Early 2020

Wahlburgers St. Charles Breaks Ground, Set To Open Early 2020

OK, we missed the story on the March 22 groundbreaking for the first Wahlburgers in Kane County, but we can at least tell you where it is and about when it’s supposed to open.

According to Leah Davis, of Allied Global Marketing, the St. Charles Wahlburgers location at 855 S. Randall Road “will be opening in early 2020.”

The March 22 groundbreaking was headlined — there’s really no other way to put it — by actor, pop singer and St. Charles resident Donnie Wahlberg, and scores of people were there to rub elbows with the celebs. We use the plural in this case because Wahlberg’s wife is actress and St. Charles resident Jenny McCarthy.

Wahlberg was more than gracious, he was downright complimentary of the city of St. Charles and Kane County in general. You can watch and hear his remarks on this YouTube video by the Daily Herald.

“This entire county has welcomed us and treated us like family since Jenny and I moved here a couple years ago,” Wahlberg said. “I made a promise to the mayor that we were going to build a Wahlburgers here — we weren’t just going to chase down the big cities.”

One of those big cities, aka Chicago, was supposed to see the first Illinois Wahlburgers open in March, according to Eater Chicago, although we haven’t seen any notice of its grand opening.

“To bring one here to St. Charles — my children went to high school here, my wife and I have set up roots here — it means so much,” Wahlberg said during the groundbreaking ceremony.

For more information, visit wahlburgers.com

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